Kewe, after an initiation, had begun to feel an opening at the top of the head, and in the middle of the forehead, the spot where some people place a mark.   “Last night,” Kewe says, stuffing the book back into his knapsack, “I sensed a distinct opening as I read the poem.   It felt as if a High Spirit was looking down on me.”

“These poems are only translations of the works of the Persian mystic.” Rick smiles as if he thinks this is a huge joke.   “They’re not created from his clothing.”   In his best inkhorn manner he continues: “For Rumi, the teaching was often phrased to create laughter.   But that doesn't mean he didn’t have profound depth.   ‘Whatever the soul in human form attempts,' he writes in his poem, Daylight, ‘the soul’s higher authority watches and waits at the window.’ ”

“Check that out.” Rick points to a garden where a tree is shaped like a fox.   Yew and several other types of trees have been cropped to look like animals.   The fox shaped tree Rick is pointing to has red berries growing around the mouth.   With the fading sun shining on the berries, the fox’s mouth looks as if it’s holding a bleeding animal.

Responding to a question about Shams, Rick adds: “When Shams came to town on a visiting tour, there was a love affair between the two that cut Rumi off from his disciples.   Many believe it was a disciple that murdered Shams.”   He takes moments before continuing.   “There are plenty of sexual overtones to Rumi’s poetry.   It’s difficult to know the kind of love he did have for Shams.   Rumi thought of sex as an aspect of God, and Shamsuddin could produce a spiritual flow of ecstasy like no other.”

An aperture of focus exists within the self that adjusts, such as a camera or a telescope adjusts.

  This focus connects each of us to the inner “The WE”
  A small image of the front page of the book that I wrote.

It is a photograph of mountains, with a shining orb that has been added at the center of the page.

The mountains are from a photograph taken by a friend of mine who lives in Alaska.

She took the photograph from the window of an airplane.

The book cover was designed by the two sons of my friend Rick, who is mentioned often in the book.

It was designed in a few hours by the two brothers while I came and looked at the computer generated images and gave my nods and shakes and suggestions.

The words over the image say 'Translations of the Discussions with The WE'

Underneath at the bottom of the front page of the book is an added: 'Connecting to the code'

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