An image of the front page of the book that I wrote, without some of the writing.

It is a photograph of mountains, with a shining orb that has been added at the center of the page.

The mountains are from a photograph taken by a friend of mine who lives in Alaska.

She took the photograph from the window of an airplane.

The book cover was designed by the two sons of my friend Rick, who is mentioned often in the book.

It was designed in a few hours by the two brothers while I came and looked at the computer generated images and gave my nods and shakes and suggestions.

The words over the image say 'The WE'

There is a shadow of the words 'The WE' behind the words.

'Translations of the Discussions with,' which is on the actual cover of the book, has been removed 

Underneath at the bottom the image is an added: 'Connecting to the code'

This is also on the front page of the book.
Thinking at first an echo of his thoughts, he ignores them.

They're repeats of my own mind he says to himself.

I'm repeating the words somehow in my head.

The trouble is the echo begins to make suggestions.
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