Discussion on multiple personalities as they relate to altered states.

Kewe, opening two files at the same instance in the vortex, had supplanted one file onto another file.   Both dealt with futures for the planet.

In one instance he recognizes what he calls a perturbation.   Further information has shown that this is a circumstance that can be changed if we as human beings have the will.

The second future, the future that deals with the environment can also be corrected if tackled at its root by all the Earth’s people.

He hopes the peoples of Earth will succeed — for the younger group of people on Earth today, and for the grandchildren who would like a chance to follow.   He hopes that the future, dismal as it seems, will become once again bright.   That we as a collective peoples will focus and act.

However, as the world’s most powerful nation continues to head into the abyss, as the leaders preach falshhoods in order to retain their power, then the recuperative and restorative measures of the many trying will wither.   Nations in their desire for 'safety' will bring the opposite of what they seek.   It is only by accepting another has a story, another has a life and that life needs to be affirmed, and placed alongside ours, will we achieve our goal.   Our selfishness has always been the root cause of our problems.   In the past, as in the present, if we would listen and view the world's people without seeking to take from them, or order them to do our bidding, then chaos will have been prevented.

Now as we as Western nations wander into false and manipulative ideologue, systems that the world has seen before, selfishness and fear is once again at the root.


Kewe, when did you first realize you were a person who had developed a multiple personality?
It was at the time my inner guide seemed to be conducting some kind of extensive therapy with me.   I’d already been through therapy experiences where I’d been taken through past lives.   In this newer healing, I began to work on events of my present life.

As part of the therapy there were times when I would perceive myself out of the body as a pre-born while my mother was still pregnant with me.   I would be hovering around, noticing the things that were happening.   Other times I would be reviewing events that occurred shortly after birth.   As I re-experienced these events, I began to understand that I was in a sense two people.   I was the small child who still had the feelings of the events.   I was the older person who was observing what was happening.   I also began to notice that things that seemed fairly trivial to me as the observer felt very important to the child.

A situation developed where my guide kept bringing me back to the age of three.   It was as if I was skirting around something even though as far as I could see there was nothing of any importance to review.

An emotional situation developed with my mother, who was visiting at the same time this part of the therapy was taking place.   It took the pressure of the situation to get to what had happened.   It was something I never expected.   At the age of three my birth personality had disintegrated.   A new personality, the personality I presently think of as myself, had been created.   The therapy session with the inner guide ended once the guide explained to me what had happened.   The explanation that I understood, was that I was a multiple personality, but not a person with more than one personality.   I was in fact a replacement personality, if you can understand what I mean.

You later discovered there was another personality inside you?
Yes, there were times when I would notice a child’s voice and mannerisms appear through my voice and actions.   The personality seemed to be shy and the appearances would be brief.   As far as I could tell the child would manifest only when I was in an altered state, never at any other time.   Somehow it would gain confidence when it could appear in an altered state.
The answer I get about the child is that it is a physical manifestation of what we call the inner child.   It is the wants of that which is our deepest self.   The child only emerges when I’m in an altered state so it isn’t a problem.   The adult, the person I call myself, is my normal personality.
By observing the child you discovered that you were a multiple of two personalities?
Yes, but it is a little more complicated than that.   At the time of the therapy, I understood through the inner guide that the new me, the replacement me, is not a complete personality as the original had been.   I am a personality whose goal and purpose is to protect what we call the inner core from any possible further trauma.

As I have begun to understand from reading articles from psychologists, there are three unique elements to a developed personality.   There is the adult part that handles the day-to-day experiences.   The adult deals with paying the bills and coping with the external environmental stress.   There is an inner core, often referred to as the inner child part, who has needs and desires, who has the entity’s vibrant energy.   There is also a parent part.   This is the part that listens.   The parent manifests religious and ethical teachings it has been taught.   It listens to parental/school/societal teachings, and learns how it is to behave.   Progressively from birth, this part of the personality establishes a framework, a pattern of behavior, based upon the rules it adopts.   As an aside, it is very difficult for the individual, unknowingly compliant, to detach itself from the moral authority of such teachings, even as it believes it rebels.

I was given to understand that the new personality, the re-created new me, did not have this parent part as such.   The new personality accepted learning only from what it, itself discovered.   It would not learn from what it was told was correct.   It would learn only from what it discovered worked.

This has something to do with events that occurred at the retreat center?
Shortly after I was initiated into a mystic priesthood, I was approached by two guides during a meditation session.   These guides asked if I would transmit information from different levels, and different entities.   I said yes and since that time I’ve been transmitting what I call higher levels of myself.   Levels I refer to as the “Oversoul” entities.   I’ve discovered I transmit not one Oversoul but many.   All levels of the various groupings.
How is this different from having more extensive multiple personalities?
Higher level input connects with the adult as a vehicle of expression.   Higher level input is beyond the personality.   It may come through, and usually does, as a personality, but they themselves, the higher input connecting with the adult, no longer have a personality as we understand in the physical universe.   When the adult transmits, it’s like he has an additional level.   His personality is not taken away.
If you use the term “I,” who are you talking about?
When I use the term “I,” or me, it can refer to the adult, or the altered state personality of the child, or to a higher level me.
Does the adult transmit energy?
Yes, the adult transmits other forms of energy that he agreed to transmit when the guides came to him.   It has very much to do with the source.   Each level seems to have distinct energy transmissions.
In an earlier discussion you were saying you were receiving some information in an altered state.
I was given some information about an extension being granted by a council, a galactic council, to the earth planet.   Things that were going to happen were being delayed.   How long the delay would be was not explained, or if there would be a further decision pending.
The information given was that a perturbation was taking place.   I call it—for the want of a better term—a perturbation, [wave-like formations of power involving multi-dimensional aspects being initiated on planet Earth (edited later)] something known by the council that had the potential to cause severe damage, even to higher plane levels; levels we normally think of as upper consciousness levels.   The council I understood had decided to stop this damage.   To do so they had decided to eliminate much of what we think of as our civilization today.   I should say that their respect for our survival was limited, seeing the great intensity with which we continued to express our anger in warfare.
This altered state experience with the council happened around the same time as a trip I was taking.   I did not understand the purpose for the trip, but I met with some inner spirits on the journey, and was given a mission.   Part of the mission involved the inner council decision.

When I returned home, instead of proceeding with the mission a whole bunch of things happened to distract me.   I became kind of lost.   For a time I had no inner connections and could not make contact.   This went on for a year and a half until gradually the connections became re-established.   I kept thinking about the mission that I’d been given, but whatever I tried I couldn’t get anything to happen.   I finally summoned up enough courage to make a direct plea to the council.   Kind of like a pea trying to have a conversation with a bunch of elephants.

I asked that I be allowed to at least try to complete what the inner spirits had given me as a mission.   The council listened to me.   Then they withdrew saying they would take my request into advisement.   I was left with that.

I didn’t get any further response and so I decided to make a second trip, to return to the place where I had counseled with the spirits who had given me the mission.   I asked them to intercede with the council for me.   I met a few times with the spirits and, because of the respect that I’d established on the earlier trip, they said they would do what they could.   My last meeting with them they said they had a gift for me.   This would be in addition to the gift they had given me at the first time of meeting with them.   They told me I would become young again.   Not understanding what exactly they meant, I said thank you, and left.

Months went by and nothing happened.   Then I applied for the retreat, for the six-day program.   Just before I came to the retreat I was given a message that the council had decided to grant my wish.   I would be allowed to try to complete the mission.

It was at the retreat Center that I discovered a new persona, a new me emerging.   The new persona is a younger version, a young man who has given himself a name.   The name he wants to be called is Jake.

I am being told that Jake is an integration of the adult, and the child who pops out at times.

Why do you think Jake has been created?
I’m assuming it has to do with the mission.   The inner spirits were telling me I would be young again.   I’m sure that this is what they meant.   Jake is able to do things that neither me as the adult, nor the child can do.   Jake I understand has all the parts of a normal personality.   He has the inner child part, and the parent part as well as the adult, all incorporated.   It’s easier for people to identify with him than it is to identify with me.   I often act like a computer with no emotion.   The trouble I’m seeing is that Jake needs to have others, many others who are also tuning in to what is happening.   More and more people need to connect with their super higher levels.   Most people seem to think they are complete, even though they do their best to ignore their higher source.   It’s the higher part of us that keeps us from disintergrating into zombies.   I don’t think people realize that, when they turn off their inner connection.

It often seems to me that we’re walking around like a lot of zombies.   So many people seem to focus on all the things that keep them busy, but don’t really give them any satisfaction.   Surely our attention to this lesser reality has to keep us unfocused to the greater life that we are all a part.

I know we can see all the signs.   I know we even recognize all the warnings.   What I don’t understand is why we get into some petty thing and allow the higher-self part to be ignored.

I know that only if souls on this planet get active will we manage to defeat this thing.   Often I feel like screaming, “It’s going to happen.”   “It’s going to happen.”   My fear is that it is really going to come about.

It seems as if we’re sitting back and saying we know something or someone is going to intercede.   I’d say that’s not how it works.   We’re here.   That’s how it works.

For us on the earth planet we might not be able to stop all of it, but we can stop what we can, and that is some of it.   There are many already trying, but not enough.   Each one of us is an independent shining beacon of light.   Individually we can beam through the darkness.   We have to tune in, tune to who we really are.   We have to really connect now.   Each one of us.

 It's like a computer. 
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