The We ®
Manipulated computer image of mountains with a circle at the center of the sky above

The WE:  knowing—all around—never not there.

“The WE” — a connection we make to another part of us.
Hidden in some realm beyond time, the journey is as fast as instantaneous.  
It is not the body that reaches from us, nor the emotions, nor the mental workings of the brain.   But some other.  
Some other that identifies in a no-second, stores the contact, then returns, its treasure filtering through many layers: 
Desire, Dreams, Feelings.
Kewe, adventurer into the unconscious, the subconscious, into the dreamy preconscious, is considered by many to be completely anti-social.

A Shaman-priest — Kewe works hard to bring off-world and varied states of being into this planatary awareness.

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