This is an image of words done in a special font that looks very fancy.

The words say:

Some don't
Some people tell me they don't understand.   (The S is large S and there is only one at the beginning for these two sentences)

(Centered and indented on the page, words say:)

It was a hodgepodge of reasoning the notion that if the
brain creates another personality, he might find himself merely
a speck of this other.
'Do we take on another mind as we die?'

Nothing in his background had prepared him.  Just the opposite!
He knew we all lived on.  He knew that who we were here did
continue, that we would be presented with ourselves.
The Universe is suddenly so unsettling.

But why, when we give up the gross, the molecular, the atom
framework, why when we move into light, retaining even perhaps
some of what we have here -
(Indented further) 
the mind, the personality -
(Second indent removed)
should we think that it doesn't change?

Yet it's laughable to believe that life has, in our short time,
reached perfection, reached a state where it can be whole.

(First indent removed)
It's out there.  He knows it's smiling.  This speck of his other. 
This is a photograph taken by a friend of mine Maricio, from Chile, who was in Seattle when I was there.

The image is blue, the leaves have a blue color to them.

The Bells blooming, two at the top, one at the bottom, and one young bloom emerging from the bud of leaves at the cernter, all have a bright spring yellow color.
Photo ‘yellow bells’ by MauricioB
It’s like a computer