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In 1948, and earlier and subsequent years, Palestine families have been forced from the their homes by Israel soldier terrorism.   These families have not been allowed to return to homes and property to this day.
Settlements have grown even onto areas of Palestinian land not yet stolen, the settlements protected by Israel soldiers paid for by US taxpayer money.
The US government (and its taxpayer) has not ceased in any way to fund the settlements and the Israel military force that allows for these settlements.
Taking Palestinian peoples land has reached a situation now where the settlers openly go and destroy ancient farmed olive trees in the hope of driving the local Palestinian people away.
US taxpayer money is being used for the demolition of houses, the Apartheid wall project — it is being allocated by Israel for the extensive military operations that go along with securing the ambitions of the Israel government.
The vast army that Israel has is funded by the billions of dollars given annually to Israel by the US government.
Billions of US dollars allows the Israel government to not only support settlements:   Armaments given to Israel by the US government allows US missiles to rain down upon Palestine women, children and men, both injuring and killing when they protest and when they are merely passively surviving in their homes.
Israel has no incentive, other then the loss of a few lives here and there, which observation to its practices must concede it seems to feel acceptable, to even consider any return of the Palestinian people to their property and homes.
Israel, in addition to the stolen Palestine land it has, wants as much remaining land of the Palestinians as the world will allow it to take.   Israel's wish is to expand so that all Palestine land, and Lebanon land — if this were not stopped by Hezbollah — to become the land of Israel.
Israel's deepest wish is for the Palestine people to be removed to Jordan or Syria and any other accepting country.    This wish, most of the European and American people — those who have arrived in the last sixty years and now occupy the homes and land of the Palestinians — have come to realize is not obtainable.
The Palestine people are too resilient.
Only the most insane in the Israel government, settler and religious population, retain this idea.
So Israel has to take as much land from the Palestinian people as it can before the US people decide, through financial woes or through some enlightening of the US people, to stop funding the present killing and injuring of Palestine people by US taxpayer money via the Israel military and police force.
Within the present stolen land now called Israel, the European and American people who have arrived in the last sixty years recognize they must remove the Semite people (the Palestinians) from their ancient land.    They recognize they must do this if they are not to be overwhelmed with a demographic problem that would give, in a democratic vote, the Palestinian people control.
Such is the reasoning for the withdrawal from Gaza.   It is not because of any wish to give up the land of Gaza.   Present day Israel would simply be overwhelmed by the demographics of too many Palestinian voters.
When a person, or a people suffer, there will be constant revolt.
The Palestine people must have their homes and land returned in the present territory called Israel.
Those who have come to this land and stolen the homes and properties and built on the land stolen must return to their homelands in Europe and America.
On a world scale, with US taxpayer money being poured into weapons and armies allocated by a US government intent on supporting an inner power elite, there cannot fail to be war.    The present huge US military has to show a need for its existence, something the power elite also desire.
So we find ourselves in this predicament.
Let us kill.
Death, even the loss of our son, our daughter, has become part of our existence — death and loss for no reason.
We cannot see any other reality but killing in this military-industrial-media overpower.
The stealing of Palestinian land, and the constant propping up of an alien people coming to this stolen land, is a central aspect of the reality of US killing.
Comment by Kewe.

How Israel sought to make this documentary illegal
— doing all they could to prevent the film.

It was made in 1997, except for Gaza settlers still in Gaza, could be written today.
You’ll really like the scenes where Israelis speak of 'how to take care of the problem'.
One American holds up a sign saying 'transfer all the Arabs to Oklahoma where there’s oil'
Listen to settlers speak.
Watch how uncomfortable they are with the camera facing them.
56 minutes long — so sit back or come back.
See something that really does open your eyes to Palestine and the takeover now known as Israel.
If you've never been there, observe this intensity and human cruelty.
People and The Land airdrops viewers into the universe of an occupied people, unreeling images of a new form of apartheid based on ethnicity.
Challenging U.S. foreign policy and the conventions of the documentary form itself, People and The Land examines the concrete realities of Israel's conduct in the West Bank and Gaza.
The level of U.S. support for that conduct through foreign aid, and the human cost of that aid in Palestine and the U.S.
YouTube also has it in 6 parts — part 6 deals with US involvement and payment to Israel
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