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       Pakistan Went Straight to Hell
       — Zardari apparently sees himself as the rightful heir to the deal his wife had made with Washington
       Capital Crimes: Another Smoking Gun on US Terror War Torture
       Haiti: the massacres of the poor that the world ignores
       Privatization and Clinton
       Awakening: Iraq veteran Jon Turner feels the anguish of being emotionally overrun wth the avalanche of George Bush lies
       The BBC will not tell you American money is both causing and perpetuating the deaths of Somalia people
       China and America: The Tibet Human Rights PsyOp
       With the exception of its Northern frontier which borders on the Russian Federation, Mongolia and Kazakhstan, China is surrounded by US military bases
       Inside Nike's Sweatshops: Squeezed Vietnamese Workers Strike Back
       Iraqi In US Custody Tortured To Death
       Israel bus carrying settlers run over and kill Palestine shepherd and donkey
       Iraq Massacres by US — The Military is Nowhere; the Press is Nowhere; the Congress is Nowhere
       Iraq Massacres by US
       Child injured by US attack