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       Russia's Duma lower house of the parliament stand in a minute of silence to commemorate those who died in the attack by Georgia on South Ossetia
       The Ossetian people of presently North and South Ossetia are a combined nation-people descendants of the Alans, a Sarmatian tribe. Tualläg in the south became what is now South Ossetia
       Workers clear debris at a destroyed house in South Ossetia's capital
       The political realities of “democratic” Georgia
       Evil feeds off conflict   Evil feeds off annihilation of planets   The present US and UK governments, and some government leaders in Europe, are seeking to push the planet into nuclear war
       Signs reading, 'Unknown Soldier'   Georgian soldiers killed in the Georgia attack on South Ossetia
       U.S. tells Russia: Give us back our Humvees!