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       The child died when U.S. forces attacked with 200-pound (90-kilogram) guided rockets that crushed buildings in the densely packed district of Sadr City, Baghdad, Iraq
       Distant Echoes of Vietnam — The Day I Lost My Innocence
       The perpetual conundrum of the old men who declare war is how to get the young boys to commit to the battle field
       Zimbabwe: Esther — a case of cognitive dissonance in its simplest form
       US caused refugee camps
       Study: Over Half Of Americans Medicated
       China Earthquake photos
       Cyclone Nargis swept into Burma on Saturday 3 May 2008, killing many thousands and causing widespread damage
       Producing Supernotes — counterfeit US 100 dollar bills
       Oil price is pure speculation: Hedge Funds and Banks driving up oil and food prices
       Propaganda Meets Corporate Lobbying
       US Israel atrocities photos
       US taxpayer paid atrocities