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       Deadly Delhi superbug poses risk to antibiotic treatment worldwide
       No safe threshold for radiation       Japan sacrifices its most vulnerable
Arctic ozone layer at lowest recorded levels
UN is deliberately killing people alongside the US and France
IAEA confirms levels of contamination far from reactors
Massacre at Duekoue Cote d'Ivoire
       Death and survival at school swimming club
NATO must kill more       Bahrain — no photos — you dare not!
       Normalizing Evil        Obama the acting president
Iodine is aerosolized by chlorine vapor for the inhalation pathway and strontium and cesium bond to fluoride for the ingestion pathway
Erasing information authorities deem harmful to public order
Residents in central Kabul province accused US troops of killing a shopkeeper
The longer we occupy Afghanistan, the more we reveal the true nature of the ravenous American Beast
Does Abdul Halim Khaddam Have Anything to Do with What's Going on in Syria?
David Miliband approved allowing cluster bombs on British territory