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       I am not of the Reptilian lineage, nor Alpha Draconian, nor am I a Grey, nor an Andromedan, nor one of those out-spacers who look like humans, but my inner-dimensional lineage is not human, nor of human form
More police agent insanity or 'We want to f--k with you'
Update on Gibson guitar wood-taking by US government agents
Philosopher's Stone — how to make it
Third World Country Famine
Cops even paid overtime 'they might have worked' after beating teen!
Arrested July 19, 2011 after allegedly downloading academic articles that had been placed behind a paywall, thus making them available for free online
Yet only one youngster had any thought of letting the world view this criminality
M2 has never grown this fast in a seven week period for at least the past 50 years
Listening to his inner self
Elites shocked poor are rising up against brutal austerity measures caused by bank derivatives
Max Keiser talks about Wall Street banks using derivatives to plunder economy