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The code might say, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Why was a reporter for a local Stephenville Texas Newspaper fired for her reporting on UFOs in the local area not all that far from President Bush’s ranch in Crawford Texas?
In the south plantation owners forbid their slaves an education for good reason and only doled out enough information for their slaves to do their jobs.
One could scream: 'Celebrate this! US military!'    With a big middle finger in the air!
But it is upstairs on those wards that the suffering scream.
If you ask me I think we owe this group of friendly ET’s a debt of great gratitude.
However, on further reflection I conclude that the Obama regime’s objection to military detention is not rooted in concern for the constitutional rights of American citizens.
US NATO encirclement of death!
Another police killing by taser    This time the elderly man was killed for being deaf and being on a bicyle