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       Fox News (sic) — America Has Gone Away
       Obedience — But I know enough to obey my masters, and to gid-dup, or whoa, when I'm told to
In Cathy O'Brien's autobiography of her life as a Monarch slave Transformation of America she has a photograph of Secretary of Defense Cheney and the hour glass on his desk with him seated. This hour glass was used to threaten her as a slave."
British political stupidity: with the US, with Illuminati criminal bankers, with Israel
Algirdas Paleckis is now facing trial due to his beliefs and statements of Lithuania government complicity in the deaths of January 1991.
ILLUMINATI Mind Control Slave
       Kadhafi police snipers on roofs of Libya border buildings watching who passes
US Supreme Court Immunizes Vaccine Makers
Afghanistan people burn their own children — Petraeus
Bahrain — And does the throne of the oppressor stay!
The US has crossed the Rubicon — destruction of the US by its own military.
When a black swan appears people in the cities seem to suffer most.