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       Large-scale agro companies and world-wide mass death through the use and eventual fatal manipulation of one-year-only terminator seeds
       Hicks and US Sodomy
I hope that the mocking symbolism of the royal wedding plans are observed!
$14,025,215,218,708.52      US debt as of January 1, 2011
The BBC's Today presenter, John Humphrys, asked Assange:   "Are you a sexual predator?"
       The Blair legacy
       As regards evidence on the killings, there is no doubt that many Tutsi were killed, although mostly in sporadic bursts and localized vengeance killings, not as the result of a systematically planned operation of Hutu commanders.
Only the Kagame forces seem to have killed on a systematic and planned basis.
Illuminati serf conditioning
Just last evening the Venezuelan head of state participated in a meeting with a group of housing activists, who not only criticized — live on television — government policies and inaction on tenant and housing issues