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 The Poles
       Homeless people are being stripped of their tents, blankets and personal property
       A trial would bring forth the truth of Mossad and Cheney and the rest involved in 9/11
Psychopaths and Alters
Gagged By Huffington Post For Questioning Official Bin Laden Assassination Story
If this version ia correct then Obama has been unconstitutionally imposed upon the US with the full knowledge, and by the shadow rulers!
NATO crimes — Not just Libya
       Antibodies from women with infertility used in creation of GMO food
UK police agents acting for their Illuminati masters
General Geoffrey Amherst was a British officer who by his own admission ordered the dissemination of smallpox-infected blankets among the Mi’kmaq Indians of Nova Scotia during the 1740's
Aborted fetal cells used in research of flavor enhancers
My human friend kept saying: 'It is insane, insane, insane, everything is insane!'
A hundredth of one percent of Earth's humans
A critic in China — one of Earth's brave humans
US funding $3 billion for bioweapon smallpox