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       A media outlet that makes some sense.
The credibility of elections in Canada is creating a crisis of legitimacy and trust that once linked citizens to the institutions that govern us.
       Amerintxia sits with her pet monkey — The Awa of the Amazon rain forest maintain an intimate connection with the wildlife of the rainforest, taking in orphaned monkeys and keeping many animals as pets..
Nobel Peace Prize — grandiose, pompous, removed from original intention.
       Mother Jones extensive coverage of toxicity in Gulf caused by BP.
Privatization of prisons — new form of human slavery for Illuminati masters.
       F1 race not on our blood — Bahrain atrocities.
US Military Suicides — something very wrong don't you think?
       With what I now know is mostly propaganda and brainwashing that the government is good... the police are good... it is amazing to look back on the events that occurred.
       LIARS — truth projected on the uk parliament building.
As regards evidence on the Rwanda killings, there is no doubt that many Tutsi were killed, although mostly in sporadic bursts and localized vengeance killings, not as the result of a systematically planned operation of Hutu commanders.   Only the Kagame forces seem to have killed on a systematic and planned basis.
    Beneath them are valleys etched with black crosses where British and American-supplied fighter aircraft have blown people to bits.
       Pensioner commits suicide outside Greek Parliament.
George Galloway wins Bradford West.