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       Children killed by drone strikes.
The drugging of our children — list of violent drugged children and young adults.
Sister Megan Rice — Greg Boertje-Obed — Michael R. Walli — World Heroes arrested by American government
       Creech 14 — Drones are terrorism
Targeting Chávez — Venezuela 2012, the election.
The Science of Genocide
       LIBOR and the Aurora Cinema killings — Dark Night, Battle Of The Soul
It begins in a software company where programmers design statistical software that can track and monitor the spending of some of the richest people in the world.
       The area below the damage zone where the planes flew in and where the fire was, that area below that, those eighty or ninety stories, eighty-thousand tons of structural steel was not damaged in any way.
Yet you stood there and watched it destroy itself, wiping out floor by floor, all two hundred and eighty seven columns as if they didn't exist underneath the damage zone.
Both Press TV and Russia Today have the best news the greater populations can receive today on television — the reasoning for neither the UK nor the US allowing them.
South Africa killed for daring to strike! — “We’d rather die than get back to work or move from this mountain.” And so they killed them!