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       US — Zionist War on Palestine people
More than 60 years of decimation of Palestine people by the US
Holding up the keys to home stolen by the faux state of Israel
Palestinian Arab villages depopulated during the 1948 Palestine occupation by European Jews
They perforate the organs, the kidneys and liver like a sieve rendering the victims inoperable
The so-called flechettes, literally the force of these razor sharp steel slivers has taken people's legs off
They ran those bulldozers over everything including shelters which people were trying to take refuge
You had the family members clinging to the bulldozers, they crushed these people and buried them alive
The mass graves in Ein el-Hilweh created rivulets of body fluids, the body fluids were flowing right into the Red Cross building
"But opposition groups accuse the government of staging the blasts in an attempt to influence Arab observers monitoring the violence."
Illuminati imprisoning      "Why don't you like Obama?"
Fundamentally, statin drugs damage the muscles and nerves in the body — so much so that a dose as low as 5 mg a day can kill a human.
Mary Coghill Kirkland said she asked her son, 21-year-old Army Spc. Derrick Kirkland, what was wrong as soon as he came back from his first deployment to Iraq in 2008.    He had a ready answer: "Mom, I'm a murderer."