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       Physics Professor Emeritus Steven Jones barely gets in his mention of Thermite as a cause of the 911 Twin Towers destruction.
Weapons made in Pindosia USA — used by Syria opposition for murder and religious cleansing of towns and villages.
What is that statistic? — 40 percent of British and Americans are employed some way in killing, terror, and exercising force over another.
       Inside 9/11 — who controlled the planes?
I was dressed only in a filmy white gown, they placed me on a large wooden table, which served as their altar, and I was told to dance seductively.
We have a lady in the room who spent some time in prison recently because she tried to expose what was happening in one particular case in the family courts.
       If you are malevolent and you want to control society, how do you control them.
US scientists against FDA over medical-imaging devices for mammograms and colonoscopies that these scientists say exposed patients to dangerous levels of radiation.
Psychopaths how they effect all levels.
Saudi protesters hold massive anti-regime rally in Qatif.
And while the 'West' flirts with Holy War, Beijing's state-sponsored corporations have been buying commodities like crazy all across the Middle East, North Africa and South America — as well as stockpiling rare earths for strategic reserves.