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       Cop kicks pregnant woman in stomach.
Below is a thirty minute video taken from an overhead video camera that depicts the taunting and eventual death by the police of a very gentle person.
Kelly Thomas Beaten to death by Police.
       Western and Arabic leaders killing and injuring in Syria.
Twenty members of my family are killed, 10 are injured.  The airplanes came and were bombing until 3 AM.  In the morning, they started hitting our village with mortars and rockets.  They didn't allow anybody to come to our help.
       When Half a Million Americans Died and Nobody Noticed.
Is Holland another Obama ?
       This is how democracy disappears.  One seemingly minor step at a time.  First you control what your party members can say.  Then you control what the media can say by forcing journalists to swear allegiance to government ministers.  Then you control what the people can say.
Chen Guangcheng's exposure of brutal abortion in China.
       Keith Scott agreed to work with Ray Dam and together they established the Office of International Treasury Control.
39 percent of 18 to 29 year olds in US have no health insurance, 23 percent say they cannot buy basic necessities, 49 percent have taken a job they didn’t want in order to pay bills, 24 percent have moved back home with parents to save money.
Child deprivation — how Europe compares.
Legard tells the people of Greece to go and eat cake.
Walter and Albertina Sisulu, South Africa love story.
Louisiana more people in prison than anywhere else in the world.
Twenty-year visits to a mother ship — Linda Dillan talks of her apartment on the ship Neptune.