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        August 1 - 5
Extraterrestrials captured by the US — Extraterrestrial experiences in the Nevada Desert — Space
        August 5 - 8
Merck Gardasil papillomavirus vaccine — Dannon yogurt and natural unadulterated yogurt and cancer — Splenda sucralose leukemia mice
        August 8 - 10
Pete Seeger sings for the children that are dead — Hiroshima Nagasaki — Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant TEPCO Japan
        August 10 - 12
Saudi Arabia opposition wants regime gone — Saudi Bandar pressures Putin on Syria offers military contracts 15 billion — Saudi Arabia would not sign any contracts damaging Russian interests
        August 12 - 13
Google Facebook Microsoft Yahoo Apple surveillance - Apple patents let cops switch off iPhone video, camera and wi-fi
        August 14
Palestine boy Atta Sabah aged 12 shot by Israel soldier paralyzed from waist down
        August 16 - 18
US paid Egypt military — killing continues — South Africa August 16 2012 — Marikana miners killed by police
        August 18 - 19
Outsourcing surveillance — Jeremy Hammond — Barrett Brown — Silent Circle
How terror card being played — Abby Martin Breaking the Set
        August 19
Airport police intimidate David Miranda partner of Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald over UK and US surveillance documents
        August 20
How government makes young people obey — Drastic growth in extreme poverty — Surveillance continues
        August 21 - 31
US plan to attack Syria — hospitals cope with thousands of dead and injured people — US in bed with Al-Qaeda — George Galloway