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        December 1 - 7
De Blasio’s Stop & Frisk Double-Cross
Mandela legacy South Africa World — Michael Tellinger
        December 7 - 11
CNN Paid To Produce Positive Reports — Denmark Torture and Pirate Bay
Splenda releases cancer dioxins in food
        December 11 - 20
Mass murderer Obama kills 15 more — Wedding parties bombed by US military — $630 billion military budget bill US
$2.75 an Hour paid by Goodwill to disabled employees  — Billion dollar mind control research
        December 21
Ukraine Europe Russia — US cannot have its way — Western imports destroy Ukraine industry
        December 25
Iraq 2013 — mass murderer Blair mass murderer Cameron have not been confronted with their Iraq murders
        December 25
Weather 2013 — tornado — cyclones — trees cut — forests decimated      
        December 25
Spying no privacy — US Concentration camps
NSA intercepting laptops purchased online to spy
Tracked everywhere you go Edward Snowden Christmas Message and June 2013 message
I don't want to live in a society that does these things
        December 26 - 31
Israel Lobby — children kept in cages by Israel government
Gilad Atzmon
12 year old Palestine boy target