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       January 1 — January 15
911 Nano-thermite in the WTC dust Danish scientist Niels Harrit
Pygmy Elephants and Palm Oil Threat — 'Extinct' Pygmy Elephants Found Living on Borneo
U.S. issues Haiti — a classic game of the criminal blaming the victim
Aristide, through two terms in office — both of which he was deposed in the middle of — was sabotaged at every step by the U.S. CIA, USAID, the European Union, the Canadian government, the IMF, and the World Bank
'Zero Dark Thirty' — Torture and how people lose their humanity
Thermite is a compound of iron oxide and aluminum which when ignited sustains an extreme heat reaction creating molten iron — an incendiary used by the US military
Killing children — two pilots are sitting in an air-conditioned windowless room in New Mexico.
Those about to kill are observing a crude house made of mud when the order is given to launch a laser guided Hellfire missile at the target
       January 15 — January 31
Just a little of the so many articles of Israel allowing and encouraging the destruction of Palestine Olive trees by Israel settlers in Palestine
Then the blow came:  "The worst nightmare of both the industry and the health authorities is an illness that turns out to be mild, while the vaccine that was supposed to prevent a dangerous epidemic causes a severe side effect that was previously unknown."
Vitamin D:  The high rate of natural production of vitamin D3 cholecalciferol in the skin is the single most important fact every person should know about vitamin D — a fact that has profound implications for the natural human condition.
Lynne Stewart's Struggle for Justice Continues — Second Circuit justices upheld her conviction, claiming 28 months was too lenient, remanding her case back to district court Judge John Koeltl where pressure got him to increase Lynne's sentence to 10 years.
Dolphin asks diver for help
GMO — Wheat isn’t even wheat