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        July 1
Saudi Arabia torture of Facebook protesters — treatment of minority Shia Shiite cleric Tawfiq al-Amer
US-backed Takfiri terrorists in Syria behead Orthodox bishop and assistant
        July 2
Press TV forced off Europe and US cable channels
Mass censorship by America UK and Europe not to allow Iran ideas and points of view
        July 3
Force-feeding torture — Obama forcing prisoners to be tortured, screaming out with pain each time the tubes get inserted
        July 4-5
Bolivia President Evo Morales after his forced landing and kidnapping by European countries
        July 5-17
Obama backs fascist regime in Egypt — Egypt Military — Millions Protesting Morsi
        July 18-20
Spain Greece the rich get richer at the expense of the poor — Greek Spain protests
        July 20-24
Iraq Blair Cameron legacy — Aleppo chemical attack Syria — Buffy Sainte-Marie Vietnam World War I — US UK attack Syria