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        June 1-6
Turkey protests Taksim Square and cities
Syria Army Qusayr role of Arab and non-Arab countries in the Syria crisis
Toxic and Chemical Gas Canisters made in the US
        June 7
Britain ultra Zionist CFI — Labour Friends of Israel — France political system hijacked by CRIF
        June 8 - 11
US surveillance massive US spying all communications — whistleblowers enemy of the state
        June 11 - 14
Syria chemical weapons — from fiction writer Ben Rhodes who ran Benghazi cover-up
        June 15
Shawki Ahmed Omar US citizen — tortured by the American military in Iraq, tortured and imprisoned in Iraq
        June 15 - 24
Brazil demonstrations against rising price of transport, corruption, World Cup costs
        June 24
Fluoride EPA whistleblower William Bill Marcus — Enemy of the state
George Galloway — World of Pirates
        June 24-30
Booz Allen Hamilton: What You Don't Know About Snowden's Former Employer
Domination Control — Wealth Resources
Guantanamo protester Code Pink Diane Wilson climbs White House fence
I want to hear you say it
Gerald Horne interview on Snowden and government Surveillance
Qatar behind transfer of chemicals to Syria militants
Edward Snowden: Even if you are not doing anything wrong you are being watched and recorded