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        October 1 - 5
Nine million mothers and their dependent children who receive food assistance and clinical services cut off as Department of War spends 5.5 billion on weapons to kill and injure
US journalists Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald vow to unmask NSA’s US assassination program
Lavabit — Edward Snowden — Humans and animals and their governments
        October 5
Going deeper down the rabbit hole — EBE's — Alien abductions — Animal mutilations — walk in-between realities — illusion constructed
        October 5 - 10
US exceptionalism — Libya — Iraq — Afghanistan — Oil — Russia — Greenpeace
        October 10 - 15
Christian Adamek commits suicide after facing expulsion from school officials persectuing him — sex offender to be placed on sex offender registry for STREAKING at high school football game — Animals Intense Cruelty
Ultrasound may cause or contribute to autism — Fukushima nuclear contaminated water tank leaking radioactive water
        October 15 - 20
Power from Renewable energy wave wind sun sea — Anti-cancer Marijuana from the Mexican Spanish marihuana — cannabis health properties — World marches against GMO food Monsanto
        October 20 - 25
We want to bomb Syria — Pentagon 2013 — News media the selling of killing Eisenhower TV address January 1961 — YouTube
Hungary takes the Lead Issuing Sovereign Debt and thus Interest-Free Money — Movies — Blue Jasmine — The Fifth Estate
Taliban statement regarding UN mandate to extend NATO mission in Afghanistan
        October 25 - 27
GMO — genetically modified organism dangers — US government forcing children to eat GMO food in school
MP3 downloads of speakers on dangers of GMO and secret changes in food - food allergies - biodiversity and use of native seeds
        October 27 - 28
Poverty In America — Americans on welfare — low income students — U.S. student homelessness
        October 28 - 31
Halloween possession — human foolishness — Scientific Studies Adverse Health Effects From Wi-Fi
Beaten and burned to death - Police censor Jimmy Savile interview purge mention of royalty