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        September 1 - 6
Syria - world’s largest nations speak out against US strike — chemical weapons attack US CIA led for US intervention
US UK able to crack encryption — banking all finance — medical — email — sexual activity
Monsanto wants total control, covers up grave GMO dangers
        September 6 - 15
What is the World War 3 project? — Taking back our power and our lives — Get the picture — US UK France attack on Syria
Syria President al-Assad interview with Russia channel Rossiya — September 13, 2013
Obama on television — US fabrications of Syria government chemical attack and 9/11 — Operation Gladio
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — Charlie Rose CBS Interview (full) — September 9, 2013
Dozen former U.S. military and intelligence officials:   CIA perpetrating pre-Iraq-War-type fraud
        September 15 - 19
American exceptionalism Obama — Depleted uranium — White Phosphorus — Agent Orange — Pepper Spray — Nuclear bombing — Napalm — Mass killing and injuring - easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled
Yes we can — Obama waives anti-terrorism act to arm Syrian rebels.
Children used by foreign terrorists to stage chemical attack in Syria — Interview with Mother Agnes Ma
Turmeric Surpasses Mouth Wash for Oral Health: Gingivitis, Mouth Cancer
        September 19 - 24
New World Order Fever — Radioactive metal from Japan — UN inspectors ignored evidence on Syria chemical attacks
Bolivia lawsuit against Obama — crimes against humanity
        September 24 — US Democratic party 2/3rds campaign contributions from Israel and Israel supporters
        September 25 — Saudi Arabia intelligence chemical weapons use exposed in Syria
        September 28 — Seychelles — IMF — loss of wealth
        September 29 — Whistleblower Robert 'Tosh' Plumlee on Alex Jones show September 24 2013 — Benghazi killings