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US Leading The Terror In Afghanistan — Afghans killed wounded at checkpoints — dead including women and children
U.S. established alQaeda training base named by CIA Mujahideen associate with Islam
Detroit DON’T Pay The Bankers — Judge Rhodes — Kevyn Orr Jones Day law firm mercenaries plagued by conflicts of interest
Richard Wolff University of Massachusetts court ruling on Detroit bankruptcy
Sean Stone interviews Daniel Estulin on Buzzsaw — Electronic Mind Control — Dr. Nick Begich — Alex Jones
Cybernetics, Teleportation, and TransEvolution of Humanity
WiFi — Wireless technologies — school children exposed to low-level microwave radiation — no safe levels of radiation
Invisible cancer Killing — Buried scientific results
McCain — Obama — Elizabeth O’Bagy — Syria — Syrian Emergency Task Force — SETF
Rahinah Ibrahim — No fly list cover-up Attorney General Eric Holder, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper
People deliberately ignoring facts — Human Wilful Blindness — not wanting to listen if it conflicts with our belief system
Cognitive dissonance — 911 Gladio — Al-Qaeda lead up to Twin Towers falling — US government fabricated stories
Following the Bodies — Intimidation by border Gestapo — UK Fascism — Jesselyn Radack — Jennifer Robinson
Disgusting judge sentences protesters of Y12 Nuclear Weapons horror to prison — US government attempt to silence peace
Monsanto Roundup kidney disease 400,000 patients 20,000 have died — Roundup Weedkiller Found In 75% of Air and Rain Samples
US UK system to collected millions of images from webcams — 10 PRINCIPLES TO HEARD THE PUBLIC — 10 Stories From America Streets
Reported and real unemployment — combined military-police state