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Global warming global icing — Lynne Stewart released — Solar cycle 24 Sun upside down flip — Obama New Year Resolutions
Multiple Infant Vaccines Increased Death Rates — ADHD does not exist — Agent Orange treated corn and soy
Attack on Syria by Saudi Arabia and US — Liberation of Adra — Syrian Arab Army freeing huge civilian population
Octavius Johnson and police assault video recorded from upstairs window
Israel lobbby US Senator Robert Menendes and Mark Kirk biggest Senate beneficiaries — US aid to Israel $90 billion dollars
Working Age Americans Without Job Risen 10 Million Under Obama — official unemployment rate keeps going down
Sharon virulent anti-Arab racist - conquering Palestine 1948 war Israel not satisfied — Behind Israel calculated US evil
US airstrike kills woman and children - Afghanistan toddler killed by US troops — Afghan government complete end to operations in villages
UK New Fascism - Prisons for profit — Man with Alzheimer’s dies in handcuffs in UK border prison for profit
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Address to Clergy and Laymen concerning Vietnam at Riverside Church
US Congress members exploiting legal loophole for luxury travel — 20 richest people in Spain earn as much as poorest 20 percent
Alternate personality, and my light body in world
Child mind control — what makes a good citizen — citizens do not argue — government mind control 3rd grade
UK New Fascism — GCHQ mass surveillance — Clause 47 — Five eyes spying — Six eyes spying Israel spying
Legal action against Merkel and German Government for spying — Pete Seeger sings for children that are dead