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Cannabis and Cancer — Boy 3 Days to Live.
U.S. money kill, injure, disable, — JDL Hate Crime
Robots, mass human displacement, economic instability
universal basic income (UBI) programs
Genetic-engineering-free victory in New Zealand reforms
Maori Party — Glyphosate and Cancer
Pedophile Sex Ring — CIA Israel MOSSAD collaboration
Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton, teenage girl having sex.
2018 US ‘freezes funding’ for White Helmets    Syria children fake gas attack sprayed with chemical then water     download mp4 video use on phone give to friends
I helped create ISIL — Iraq Veteran Vincent Emanuele
Idiot Trump — Russia Account On Syria confirmed
Trump gas release — 30 power plants South Korea.
Syria Chemicals: Israel Saud Base — Nuclear War
On the eve of destruction Jerry Robinson — Lord Rothschild, Mossad will do another 9/11 on America.
Rise In Children’s Chronic Diseases — Vaccine Cause?
Monsanto’s Roundup Found In 30% Of Food
White helmets UK funded— mp4 Trump Syria Strikes
Mosul Iraq any means to mislead public — Pope Francis
North Korea Ready for 'All-Out War' if US Starts war
Five or six Chernobyls if North Korea attacks South
30 nuclear power plants operational South Korea
10 Countries Most Casualties World War II
Israel settlers Palestine —6 Million killed fake news
FDA: Faked X-ray    Forged scans   Phony lab tests
Cannabidiol cuts seizures — antidepressants 81% chance autistic children
Trump's wars: Syria, North Korea
Top six world media companies
BBC Corbyn Sickness
Andrew Marr nuclear strike insanity
UN moral failure Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia to lead UN Human Rights Panel
Iceland teen substance abuse
How to stop teen smoking, drinking and drug use
US Subprime auto loan bubble
US debt everything out of control
US auto loan debt