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Israel soldiers shoot children in arms and legs to cripple — US & Venezuela 2017 — Australia psychotic children
Last words of dying journalist Khaled Alkhateb
Iraq Iran war 1980 1988 — US support for Iraq — US links to Saddam — CIA helped Saddam Hussein use nerve gas on Kurd village of Halabja, sarin against Iran troops
Medvedev attacks US Illuminati — A non-systemic player, Trunp has to be removed by American political elite — Deep state against Trump’s pragmatic approach or those interests of US multinationals who oppose sanctions
US sanctions evil bluff — ISIS attacked then US bombed our village — Illuminati US tool: War with China — Download David Icke mp3
US strike North Korea against common logic — long lived Kims’ rhetoric — minutes nothing left — Nucking of Nagasaki
Vitamin B3 could prevent vast numbers of miscarriages birth defects and autism
Kurds Greater Israel and Kurds Kurdistan
Muslim LGBT protest and Afghanistan Pashtun Pedophilia and Islam
US — North Korea — Kill million people — North Korea deaths by US bombing in Korean War
Security — Syria — Charlottesville — Afghanistan — Iraq Orphan girl — Barcelona Spain attack
Trump — Bannon — Machiavelli — Breitbart — US — China debt problem — IMF
Portugal decriminalised all drugs — fixed drug problem by legalizing everything.
For the animals — Horrors of factory farming.
Fallen Religion — Popery, Catholics and Francis, a cesspool of pedophiles and homosexuals
US Military War Crimes, “We were filmed, then directly targeted” — Republicans paid by Clinton Foundation, Saudi Arabia... to not support Trump
Bio-weapons Ukraine, War Crimes — Trump poor judgment, Yemen — UK US War Crimes
Crowds on demand — Craigslist for actors — Harrison Hanks Utimate crisis actor
U S bombing trauma of children — THEY lie in packed wards, many are crying
Taught to expect American invasion! — B61-12 gravity nuclear bomb successful flight test
Shaft it to the young people? — Unemployment and mimimum wage lies
UK and US military hysteria — UK and US war crimes: US bombing, All victims were women and children