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Walking into nuclear war
Gold US Dollar equals Inflation
When did they stop adjusting climate data?
PSMSL adjustments to create sea level rise?
Media Today Propagates Ideology
Sexually explicit images on appellate judge website
Sad Australia is now the America sickness
Australia Illuminati
How Trump betrayed both Abbas and Abdullah of Jordan
His Majesty King Abdullah 1947 speech on America and Palestine
Disabled Palestine man killed for throwing stones
Ibrahim Abu Thuraya lost his legs when Israel bombed his home in Gaza in 2008.
EU is killing Europe — Marine La Pen of France, Tomio Okamura of Czech Republic, Geert Wilders of Netherlands
seek Europe of Sovereign nations
FBI criminal history waco — hacking-your-devices FBI is
not your friend — Enemy of Freedom getting rid of FBI
giant boon for freedom of American people
US  NATO  UK attacks on Libya directly contributed to refugee migrant crisis gripping Europe.
Trump strategy to keep Russia China as competitors
Mark Weber banned from UK on behalf of Zionist lobby request. — U S Vetoes against Palestine
Saturn World   Remember who you are   David Icke
Reptilian Alliance
Trump, a rogue, uncaring, millionaire congress, gutted a needed fed department on wage theft
David Icke 'Remember who you are...'
Pedophilia or paedophilia, a psychiatric disorder
Reptilian Agenda — Consenting Forces
Cancer Turmeric — Can Turmeric prevent cancer?
Cancer treatment and Turmeric
Jerusalem belongs to us all!
Israel is glaringly racist?
When the Red Crescent ambulance came to rush the boy to hospital, Israel soldiers stopped the vehicle from leaving.
Poverty and stress and Alzheimer's disease
Dementia - left and right hemispheres of brain
60000IU Vitamin D3 daily stops Dementia onset?
How sick Trump is — 10,000 fighters in Afghanistan,
more arriving from Syria & Iraq — US UK Military strike
deal with ISIS allow them to flee to Afghanistan
US Israel to destabilize IRAN repeat of 2009
Cash, Weapons. Politics. Intelligence Apparatus used
115 years of nonstop crimes against Iran