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Charlie Guard captive of courts, hospitals and doctors
Nevada corporate marijuana legislation — Portugal decriminalized drugs — Big pharma losing to cannabis
Grenfell tower enquiry — Theresa May no response — completely gone back on promise
911/Israel did it — Mossad 2017 — Israel destroys Solar Panels Donated to Palestinians
Meet Your Meat vegetarians — Cody for farm animals
Ag Gag law — ‘kill box’ repeatedly shocking cows with electric prods
Vietnam to Afghanistan — Afghanistan 2017 Drugs —  G20 Farce
ISRAEL Denying people’s humanity — Real Stories about Palestinians and Palestine on video —  Israel opposes Russia troops for Syria cease fire
Psilocybin and depression — chronic illness, magic mushrooms combat useless antidepressants
False unemployement statistics — Birth/death model adds by assumption 100,000 jobs per month.
CIA Agent Malcom Howard Confesses On Deathbed
On 9/11 We Blew Up World Trade Center 7
Shoot Palestine people for fun! — Israel attraction
U.S. control of Germany?
No one asked German citizens about migrants
Venezuala One of the free public hospitals
UK Independent shakes off yesterday's mistake
ISRAEL soldiers had urinated and defecated on the floors and on the desks and smeared feces on children’s paintings.
Humans no longer act as human — Florida prisons
The United States in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria is beyond condemnation!
Israel U.S. lobby influencing Congress by paying for US elections — Israel snipers stationed in a watchtower
UK moving back to eighteenth century with homeless — Sleeping rough in Oxford ordered to workhouse
Let us talk NOT about peace and how to survive — I’d launch nukes at China on Trump's orders, says US Pacific Fleet chief
U.S. Federal Reserve — Illuminati practices 1913...