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You who comes in the name of death — you fill cemeteries with our children.
Corbyn and Israel
Israel Attack on the USS Liberty 50 Years Later
No country on earth would survive nuclear attack
Vladimir Putin talking to Oliver Stone
White Helmets Syria Agenda — atrocities funded by UK
Universities bad science lies — political fraud
— corporation financed
Ancient tribe ritually poisons own food, trashes its ecosystems
Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea — Grenfell Tower fire
Suramin reverses autism call for research — vitamin B3 could prevent vast numbers of miscarriages birth defects and autism
Cuba urban food production — 47 Years Later in Havana
Grenfell tower residents threatened with legal action
Tenant Management Organisation ordered stop campaign
US broken agreements with Russia
Many women, children wounded killed in US attack
Afghanistan and drugs
Opium and Criminal Politicians?
Microsoft!— Windows NSA vulnerability attacked
Petya ransomware — NSA ETERNAL BLUE
Drinking water — Chromium 6 cancer causing — GMOs
toxic herbicides glyphosate — Enemy of the state:
Fluoride Drinking Water Standard
US attack Russia China — ELITE PLAN TO DEPOPULATE WORLD: — Global debt surge — Biggest debt contributor China with $2 trillion
Humans Not Primary Drivers Of CO2 — last three years human CO2 emissions have not risen yet CO2 concentrations have increased
Afghanistan UK War crimes and drugs— illuminati 3.3 million illegal wiretaps