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Gardasil useless costs fortune — Gardasil teen paralysis
— Vaccines Neurological Disorders
Israel: 63 years of crime — Israel military paid for by US
— Government Smear Israel’s Critics
China "Emergency Meeting" — US in disputed waters
— Yugoslavia dramatic photos
War with Russia China Iran
Japan drop tanks Fukushima nuclear waste into ocean
Ransomeware and failed operating system
javascript dangerous language
UK Fallon and May — massacre and famine thousands of Yemen babies and children
China's shadow banks. — US debt
Ginger benefits to health
Manchester — 911 — well-established pattern
Seth Rich Plot
Unbelievable evil — Democrat Wasserman Schultz
Tulsi Gabbard — US stop arming the terrorists
Libya After US and UK
Only choice US gives rest of world — surrender or war
Vaccine Hoax
Amish rarely get autism, cancer, or heart-disease.
Rigorous scientific study finds NO reduction in measles,
mumps, rubella,influenza or rotavirus among vaccinated children
Fully vaccinated children are trading the prevention of certain acute illnesses for chronic illnesses
Learn more about the fake science and criminal practices of the vaccine industry
Suramin and Autism — first sentences of their lives after one week
Naviaux told the UC San Diego Health website.   “This did not happen to children given placebo.”