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EU silent over Spain government and Spanish police violence on Catalonia people — Out with occupiers Spain police forced out of hotels
Las Vegas shooting Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino — Route 91 Harvest Festival — Paddock why? more questions than answers.
NATO U.S. U.K in Afganistan criminality — Afghanistan 2017 — Drugs — US UK continue to fund and assist ISIS in Syria
Elite criminality — J.P Morgan Chase “robo-signing.” — U.S. Justice System — Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting
UK new politics — Jeremy Corbyn Bernie Sanders John Pilger — death of Hugo Chávez Frías — Blair Legacy
North Korea game of chicken with U.S. ruling establishment— Northern California Before After wildfire
20 Things You Should Know About Islam — What Educated Non-Muslims Don't Like About Islam
Amazon forests, Africa forests, Indonesia forests — Earth's Recent Record Carbon Dioxide Spike — Awa of the Amazon rain forest
Weinstein Accusers Tell Their Stories — What it tells us about politics & Hollywood
Iran   Trump   Israel — Do we wish to destroy the world? — Why did you cut the trees down, Grandma?
Las Vegas shooting Route 91 Harvest Festival total cover-up   — James Comey carried out the Vegas massacre using ISIS recruits?
ABC, NBC Maintain Clinton Uranium Blackout   FBI Discovered Russian Bribery Plot Before Obama & Hillary Clinton Approved Nuke Deal with Putin
China pollution    China industrial overcapacity needs global markets    China shadow banking system    Chicken alert — Humans and caring of animals
Monsanto Roundup    five hundred percent rise in weedkiller in human urine    Glyphosate kills plants robs them of vital nutrients    33 percent of land degraded. Continuous poison chemical signature generations. — How to cope   Benefits to health
RT outlet not propaganda money-making machines for wealthy bosses, like BBC, or NPR    Catalaonia crisis Madrid and Barcelona bold moves against each other
China   Petro-Yuan   Russia   Saudi Arabia   US power loss   WAR    opposition to the Bretton Woods scheme