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Irma Caribbean Florida hurricane— Cuba dolphins get helicopter ride to safety — WHY DID YOU CUT DOWN THE TREES, GRANDMA?
Mexico — 8.1 earthquake — Mexican state of Chiapas fatalities — most powerful quake since
Syria Emir of Deir ez-Zor among ISIS commanders killed in bunker by Russian airstrike
U.S. PETRO DOLLAR BREAKDOWN CONTINUES — Hurricane Irma, Jose and Harvey: US economy at risk
Oilfields and natural gas-processing plant southeast of the Deir-ez-Zor airbase have come under the control of the Syrian Army
Bitcoin bubble Or J.P. Morgan Bubble? — private banking taken over by governments — decline from democracy to tyranny
US Congress rubbish system— U.S. Petro Dollar Breakdown — De-Dollarization? Russia and China extensive Gold Reserves — US debt surpasses $20 trillion
This is what you eat!— organophosphate insecticides Naled — cancer nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines — Acquitted of shooting dead Anthony Lamar Smith, 24, in 2011
POLICE KILL Scout Schultz — Use cop to commit suicide — Parsons Green bucket bomber suspects — Soviet colonel Petrov Stanislav averted nuclear war
Destroy North Korea, destroy America! — US slow-motion military coup — Nuclear war
Purpose for US in Syria?: Illuminati Israel! — North Korea: US is like sound of dog barking — Iran and Venezuela response to Trump at UN
Google censorship — North Korea and Iran: America’s political kingmakers — US Israel: Kurds against Syria
US War Crimes civilian deaths — US military in bed with ISIS forces — SPAIN and North Korea threats
US Criminality 2017 — US prison-industrial complex, US Big pharma, US cops, US alcohol and beer industries, US judges and lawyers — No chemical weapons destroyed here
UK Fallon taking credit for US supported ISIS defeat by Russia — US Department of Homeland Security Persistent Hacking Lies — 'Year late & bad info'
Spanish Police Violence in Catalonia — Woman has fingers broken by Spanish Police forcing the Catalonia voter not to vote on separation from Spain.