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San Francisco retroactively applying marijuana legalization to prior convictions dating to 1975, which means that thousands of felonies and misdemeanors will be re-sentenced or dismissed
Who profits from Olympics?   Olympic commission private organization incorporated in Switzerland
Sun dimmer by 2050   Cooldown grand minimum, period when sunspots form less frequently, Sun's magnetism reduced, less ultraviolet radiation on surface of planet
US blame game   US story on Syria chemical weapons
US rejects UN seeking to base chemical weapons in Syria on facts
Detectives probing Israel Netanyahu have been targeted by private investigators
Nursing home feeding Australia aged   Billionaire Exploitation of tens of millions
Israel Natanyahu gift for ten year US visas
White helmets   Syria gas attack
  Mueller — Weissmann     Corruption unlimited?    
Drills, Anomalies, Child Actors Parkland School Shooting Florida
     Farmer suicide US
Israel weapons in Al Qaeda ISIS hideouts
         U.S. U.K. Attack on Syria
US torture — mostly hidden
Download mp4    Please pass this around.
Israel illegal occupation cruelty to children
Russia new weapons makes US weapons obsolete.
    Blackened bodies, mothers who couldn’t recognize their charred children and those still alive screaming with pain
US Media    Reality is not what it is played to be    Florida Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting