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US ISIS working together to target Russia
Cliven Bundy trial fiasco?
Sessions and Fentanyl
UK muslim rape gangs
US interferes everywhere
CIA largest criminal organization in world
US decides to occupy Syria
Nuclear weapons Nuclear WAR
Haiti verses one percent
US severe animal abuse
Domestic military “police.”
Vitamin D3 is flu fighter
Trump State Department weapons dealer
Dying North Koreans Tillerson joy
Syria stabilization US does not want
Economy booming but most Americans have no money
— New Face of American Unemployment
Hepatitis B Vaccine Disaster for Newborns
New Vaccines Still Cause Autism and the U.S. Government Knows It
NSA FBI Dept of Justice conspiring to change Trump presidential election
Those responsible for coup must be identified, charged, prosecuted for acts of high treason.
US violate Russia borders
Birth/death model adds by assumption 100,000 jobs per month.
Fukusima darkness
Japan Tepco hasn't a clue what they are doing
US presence in Syria act of aggression, violation of Syria sovereignty.
Syria strikes Israel aggression