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US democracy Americal illusion of control
    Coverup sexual abuse of children in police department’s Youth Explorer program
Curiouser and curiouser Salisbury, the Skripals    Epic failure Theresa May Fairy tale
    UK Political propaganda    2018
Half of Afghanistan children miss out on school due to fighting, poverty and discrimination
Adelson — Israel — money —Trump
    Trump breaks Iran JPCOA treaty     2018
Veteran suicide moral reasons
    Immoral, Illegal and Illegitimate wars
Israel goal to take over Yemen    Dehumanized   Discounted    Marginalized   Syria victors
Altrazine produce more female hormones like estrogen    Enslaving America
Russia 2018 hopefully educating the English
    UK officials show contempt for what voters love by ditching World Cup in Russia
Russia 2018     What happened to the West?    I’d like to know.
Israel evacuates White Helmets from Syria     UK Prime Minister Theresa May personally interceded
1200 mostly women and children killed by US in Raqqa Syria     Download mp4 US war crimes
    Video of Raqqa Syria after US bombing.
Antidepressants double risk of suicide aggressive behaviour under 18s
    ANTIDEPAWARE    Promoting awareness of the
dangers of antidepressants
Greece Unemployment 20%,
   youth unemployment 40%,
   pensions cut 70%.
                Tariffs likely Trump's demise
Girl shot in legs because she was carrying
    a Palestine flag
Ahed Tamimi — Israel
    Jorit Agoch painting of Ahed Tamimi
ADX Supermax prisons    US serious abuse of prisoners.