Disparity between brain and inner mind, just one topic in stimulating new book.

"Parent Teachings are a mixture of information we are given by parents and other adults including knowledge handed down in writings," says Kewe in his new book.  "Shaking off predetermined truths is never easy."

"With regard to spiritual belief it is important to remember we understand from that which has previously been interpreted by another person.

"Humans understand ongoing experiences, including spiritual experiences, from the knowledge they have already acquired, but also importantly from the belief system they have adopted.

We fail to recognise that earlier 'Masters' those who have interpreted visions, or yet earlier scriptures, do this interpretation from a vantage point, from a consciousness of their time period.   This interpretation may be advanced, may lead whole populations of people to follow them, however, it is always wise to understand human beings are human.   They make mistakes.   They don't always get it right.

Hundreds, or thousands of years later, these teachings are then re-interpreted by others, sometimes for political reasons, sometimes due to a desire to fit the teachings into the reinterpreter's 'Parent Teaching' or group accepted norms.  These can be collective group interpretations, even council decisions of important dignitaries, all based upon political and accepted norms of the time.

We adopt our norms based upon life-time realities, based upon inner inexperiences, based upon subconscious or unconscious motivations that we are not aware, motivations adopted by our preconscious often for safety or stability purposes.   If our norms have to change due to world situations that seem to be changing rapidly, we usually still cling to our preconceived notions."

How we adopt mental arguments is just one of the topics covered in the book.   Memory dissociation when out of the body is another — the disparity that occurs between the brain and the 'inner mind.'

In his contact with Rumi, a Sufi Muslim poet and mystic of the thirteenth century, Kewe is taken into a Sufi ceremony.   Here he learns the pleasure attached to this ancient faith.   Experiences follow where he makes contact with forces who may be attempting to stabilize the planet.   In the meetings he has he begins to understand there is not one family that greets us when we shake off the human body, but many families.   It is a time where we have to decide.

TRANSLATIONS OF THE DISCUSSIONS WITH THE 'WE' has episodes that are likely to stir memories of strange experiences.   We are all in contact.   It is just a matter of recognizing, translating, and recognizing that we are translating.

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