Escaping the fear based model
Dalai Lama
Note from Kewe, June 24 2011.
I had an email recently describing how someone had taken a Bodhisattva oath with the Dalai Lama.
The person taking the oath had done so promising to remain in the rebirth wheel until all sentient beings were liberated from their suffering.
As I read a wave of nausea spread through my body.
I replied to the email with the following.
I was saddened to read of your oath taking.
I had no idea the 14th Dalai Lama was engaged in such practices.
My words will not fall easily upon you, for as with all religions, once an individual become inculcated into the myths and practices they build such invisible walls around themselves that they can no longer experience deeper inner reality.
I am not a member of any group.  I do not have any initiates, or people training under me.
A person who communicates in any dimensional way with me leaves as free as they came, as I leave them.
Enlightenment in all its manifestations is obtained by one's own self.
To bound yourself by oath is only to give yourself to another.
Why would someone not caution you against doing that?
In that simple truth, Why?  Why would someone give 'spiritual backing' to such a commitment? can you piece through the blindness.
Those who would take from you such an oath are not themselves enlightened.
I would go more into detail with regard to the inner forces that work to procure such an oath from you but at this time it would not be of benefit.
I can only imagine Guatama experiencing the same horror that the real Jesus must feel at that which has overtaken his purity.
Siddhartha and me have to proclaim:   'Ah!  How the wheel turns.'
To relinquish yourself from an oath is simple.
You do it outwardly for yourself.   You send a letter, recorded delivery affirms it more securely in your mind, to the person that you made the oath, saying that you have reconsidered, and now are no longer bound by the oath you have given, bound by any oath.
Please do not respond to me with regard to explanation, it is not me that needs to hear you, it is your Higher Self.
Ask IT for your guidance and help with regard to this — knowing that you within your own layer must make the decision for yourself.
I can recommend that you read my free ebook, for this gives great insight into the individual and its many layers, and into its own true freedom.
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Everything written here is for the purposes of education.
You might as well be in Scientology for some ridiculously eons-long period of commitment pops up as an option once their religion gets into you.
But the Dalai Lama structure has much more inner power than the Scientology setting.  
In the simple questioning, 'Why?   Why would someone not caution you against doing that?' can you piece through the blindness.
Those who would involve you in the performance of such a contract are not themselves enlightened.
Reach for your Higher Self!
And give yourself some weeks, please, before replying to this email, should you choose to do so.
TV brainwashing corporate way.

Executives in higher education and the media do political work but in a way that is not seen as political.

BBC John Humphrys interviewed a Palestine spokesman Husam Zomlot following the Israel massacre of unarmed demonstrators on the 63rd anniversary of the illegal expulsion of the Palestinian people from their homes.

Humphrys said, 'it’s not surprising that Israel reacted the way it did, is it?'

Zomlot replied, 'I am very proud and glad the Palestine people were peacefully marching to draw attention to their 63-year plight of expulsion from the territory of Israel.

Humphrys said, 'But they did not march peacefully, that’s my point.'

Zomlot replied, 'None of them was armed. Israel had tanks and helicopters and F-16s. You cannot even start to compare the violence.

Humphrys said, 'Sorry to interrupt you there but if I marched into your house waving a club and throwing a stone at you then it would be a security matter, wouldn’t it?'

Zomlot replied, 'I beg your pardon. According to the United Nations Security Council resolutions, those people are marching to their homes; they have the deeds of their homes; it’s their private property. So let’s set the record right once and for all . . .

Dalai Lama —
brainwashing religious style
I have always found western Buddhists to be the most intolerant people I know.
They are fine smirking at your supposed ignorance until you get close to some cherished 'truth' that you are making a pitch at being not so 'truthful!'
Then they slam the gate against you!
Banned!   Shunned!   Equal behind closed doors to the vehemence of Scientology 'disconnection'!
Such is the power of the animal heard instinct.
So it was this time — heard based fear in the response!
Someone who invests their lives in various religions in the west built around the teachings of beloved Siddhartha, teachings altered, now falsely portrayed, seem to exhibit tremendous fear at anyone even daring to suggest....
A deadening, sickening fear brought about by even the awareness that they have made contact with someone who might, just might, be speaking truth against — well how many high Rimpoches, eminent Tulkus, Holiness and the rest out there!
When you give your power to another you give your power to another — matter not that it is religion, or state, or Illuminati.
That power now controls you.
Unspeakable grief and horror
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"It's all illusion," I say.   "Don't you know, my lad, my lassie.   The game!   The game, me girl, me boy!   Takes on interest, don't you know.   T'is me sport, till doest find a better!"
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They are valued relative to cost and efficiency.
The cryptocracy is the perfect cybernetic organism — pure logic at the planning level — nothing but automatic response in the field.
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If he refuses to be blackmailed, he is 'programmed.'
If all these fail, he is killed, for it must not be known that he had ever been approached — so important is 'national security.'
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