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Benefits to health  — 2018
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Alzheimer's risk benadryl nytol ditropan sinepin piriton

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Popular sleep remedies and hayfever pills 'increase risk of Alzheimer's by more than 50%'
Many of the drugs are more commonly taken by older people, with up to half of the UK’s elderly population being prescribed at least one anticholinergic medication.  click here
Media dementia scare over hay fever and sleep drugs  click here
Dementia 2018 - left and right hemispheres of Einstein’s brain

Translations of Discussions with The WE.
In trying to find answers, a clue perhaps is an article in
Einstein’s Brain more ‘Connected‘ than other Folks.
“The left and right hemispheres of Einstein’s brain were unusually well connected to each other.“
Alzheimer’s disease, dementia where part of the brain is diseased, and dementia where the brain is not ‘diseased‘ but blocked, are not the same ‘dementia.‘ At this time of writing, used in experimentation on mice, ultra-sound gets 75 percent of the memory back.
New Alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory function.
Kewe, in his seventies, has for the last two years been experiencing a mind condition in chants he believes has to do with dementia.
He does not believe he has Alzheimer’s, or any dementia symptoms in activity of normal life, but he does believe that his brain as he ages is becoming blocked between some left and right connections.
Kewe has never been back to the Institute that he describes in the beginning of this book. He has continued to listen to audio taken from tapes and a few CD’s he purchased now twenty years ago.
He listens to this audio that has subliminal pulses, a development by Robert while he was alive in the physical body, that Kewe believes connects more the left and right brain activity.
Audio CD’s DVD’s can be obtained from the Institute, which is now a non-profit set up by Robert before he died. Downloaded for a not excessive charge.
Left and right brain connection audio can be obtained from other sources.
Kewe has continued to practice using the Hu chant that he does now mostly silently.
He does not do this often. He does not listen to the subliminal left right pulse music often.
He listens and chants for a period of time, a couple of hours, perhaps more sometimes, only once monthly. Sometimes not that often.
When Kewe listens to subliminal left right pulse music he drifts into chanting the Hu. He will silently go along with the music repeating in his mind Huuuuuuuuuuuu.
He has chanted silently the Huuuuuuuuu so often not using the subliminal left right pulse music that he believes his brain quickly places him into a ‘Alpha brainwave state.‘
Kewe does not chant the Hu when he drives because of this. Driving in an ‘Alpha brain- wave state.‘ is like driving when you have had a toke of cannabis, or having some alcohol.
These last couple of years Kewe has found that when he does listen to the subliminal left right pulse music, usually when he lies on a bed, and commences with his repeating in his mind Huuuuuuuuuuuu, he will start to get a headache.
From the first time this happened Kewe has been curious and has continued his chanting, accentuating the mind control of the chanting, aiming it into the headache.
There will be moments when he experiences quick acute pain. Kewe continuing into the area of his brain where the pain comes from, will find it dissipates. It goes.
Then his attention will be directed to another area of the brain that is giving some minor pain.
He will direct his attention to this area. He will focus upon it, and continue with the chanting of Hu. All this time music will be playing in his left and right ears through ear-buds. Music that is the subliminal left right pulse music.
After a certain period of time of focusing on various areas of the brain that is giving some minor pain, the headache will go. There will be no more headache.
Kewe tries to find areas of the brain that have still some pain but he cannot. It will all be gone. There will be no headache. He will feel no pain anywhere in his head.
Kewe has come to believe that aging he is accumulating in his brain loss of connections or blockage between the left and right brain.
He believes when he does this ‘exercise‘ of using the subliminal left right pulse music and his chanting of Hu, which his brain is familiar with due to many years of him doing this, and easily places him into an ’Alpha brain-wave state’ that this becomes a quick way of freeing up brain blockages he has accumulated.
He believes the subliminal left right pulse music will have the same affect on anyone and can be done for benefit by younger people.
He believes using the Hu chant for a period of time daily will have the same affect on the brain and can be done for benefit by younger people.
Doing the two together, he would say, seems to have an enhanced effect where more benefit can be obtained in a shorter period of time.
Kewe at night uses a sleep tape he obtained twenty years ago from the Institution.
The sleep state places one in a ‘Delta mind state’ for periods of time. Audio is the normal sleep cycle of humans, ninety minutes. He will place the audio on repeat so at the conclusion of ninety minutes a repeat of ninety minutes will take place, and then repeat again. This sleep audio also has the subliminal left right brain pulses.
It is likely that because Kewe sleeps on his side, the subliminal left right brain pulses are not very effective, but the audio also guiding one into a ’Delta state’ is effective. Kewe finds that dreaming, the ‘REM state,‘ the rapid eye movement state, is the most effective cleansing of the mind during sleep. Without this REM cleansing the brain can become very disturbed.
Kewe does not use ear-buds for sleep audio. It will be played from across the room. From across the room he will also listen to a ’Surf’ tape that has surf sounds, with gulls singing, and has the subliminal left right brain pulses, through speakers.
Kewe believes that for people who cannot listen with ear buds or ear phones can benefit by listening to music with subliminal left right brain pulses through speakers in the room. The benefit will take longer but there will be benefit.
Kewe often goes walking. While he now mostly listens to people who give lectures, talks on audio files, him listening through ear buds in his ears, he has walked long distances in the past listening to music with left right brain pulses through ear-buds. He believes this enhanced his walking energy greatly.
Kewe would say artists and all those who create, be it carpentry, or painting or writing use the right and left brain successfully when creating. When one enters the alpha brainwave state, one is mostly working from the right side of the brain. When one seeks to connect with the world around them, one is mostly working from the left side of the brain.
Using sound pulses gives ability previously not known to connect right and left sides of the brain and so enhance creativity, enhance output in the human physical world.
Watching television drifts each person who is staring at the screen into an alpha brainwave state. Watching television for more than a few minutes places a person into an hypnotic state.
This alone should be a reason enough to avoid television. Anything spoken, any image shown on the screen has an impact on the brain such that reality becomes that seen and heard on television.
When people retire, most older people trend to a more sedentary life. If older people have taken orders in their employment, they have lost the skill of thinking.
Thinking is a skill.
Most people are not skilled in independence of guidance and authority – having been trained from birth to accept rules under penalty that is punishment from authority figures, first as a child, then to obey in a work environment, an over-arching authority of government and law and courts and imprisonment.
Television entering the scene six decades past strengthened the power and influence of those few who themselves are taught to control the masses.
Watching takes away the ability to think as it impresses the brain and the sub-conscious with words spoken and images shown. For people already taught to obey, not skilled in creative activity, it is a natural transference to have that which is seen and told on the screen as guide and authority figure.
So we have television serving as the guide and authority mechanism: governments in the supposed knowledge they have, corporations in their ads playing to the subconscious, and those deciding what should be told and what should be omitted, those who wish to control the populations in their thinking – propaganda that a few corporations who own the thinking of a nation use.
We have people who for them the watching of television has become all they know how to do for long periods of time.
As one becomes more sedentary, one trends to an even more sedentary life-style, ignoring long walks etc, because this hasn’t been the pattern of their life. People are used to a work situation and to going home and resting.
At retirement people being home, many will rest after doing essential cleaning and cooking. Resting for the vast majority is to sit and watch television.
This alone leads to an imbalance in the beta-alpha state of brain existence. What is an alpha beta state of brain existence?
When awake most of us remain within the beta alpha state of brain existence. A few by use of meditation or another technique learn to achieve that known as theta while awake. These are frequency range states of the brain.
Beta is the normal state for a person who works. It is the state of making decisions. Even as an obedient underling a person still has to be constantly making decisions. Being in the beta state gives one the ability to go to a bank to press buttons, to remove money from a cash machine, to take money from a teller.
The alpha state is a state of peacefulness. It is a state where one does not think, where one is receptive to input. Mostly only trained people, as in meditation, make decisions while within the alpha range. It is a state where if one is watching television the brain allows ideas to pass into the unconscious to become fixed as reality, as an idea being true. Here it is attached to any of the emotions, fear, joy, longing...
The theta state is a state that the brain when a person is awake can use to do some very odd things. Stage presentations of mentalists will provide evidence of such oddities.
Most people enter the theta state only when asleep as a passageway to the delta state which is deep sleep. Most people awake remain in the beta-alpha state of brain existence.
The more one watches television the more this beta-alpha state of brain existence becomes unbalanced. The alpha state predominating, the beta, the calculating, decision making state, which has the ability to function in physical world reality – going to the shops for food, all that is necessary – becomes unused, and the imbalance of the alpha-beta states being used by the brain increases substantially.
It is possible for elderly people to learn to function in an almost complete state of alpha brainwave activity, even to going for food, that which has become a repetitive routine, riding on a bus.
Repetitive routines do not take one out of the alpha state.
Eventually this will lead to more and more loss in the use of the left brain, beta frequency usage.
Creativity of any sort, playing cards, games that one works to find an answer, working on a puzzle, interacting on the computer, on the internet, using the thinking process to think, to use thinking in a way that is not accepting of that which is being told, to bring up ideas that come to an individual and to work on ideas, can correct this imbalance for all these acts do use the left side of the brain.
Stopping watching television is also a first step to correcting imbalance for the person will be less in the alpha state and will have to find something to do to take up their time.
Reading books on a computer, a tablet, or paper format, has the brain thinking, and also conceptualizing, something that does not take place while watching television.
Reading places one in an alpha and a beta state, alternating as one reads. With this there will be a balanced right-left brain usage that takes place within the brain.
Many people today cannot read more than a few sentences. Reading a book has become impossible for them.
For younger people, video is the preferred media. Many young are at their most content when allowing a movie to entertain. Watching a movie places one in the alpha state, the brain allowing the ideas of the movie to seep into the subconscious and become truth to him or her who is viewing the movie.
Reading excels as a way for people to help themselves, especially the elderly.
Reading provides knowledge.
Reading allows people to think, to question that which are the ideas of the author of the book or article being read.
Reading allows a person to be outside the right brain, alpha state, to be able question that which is taking place around them. The ideas of a person will not be the ideas of some movie script or television drama, or presentment of supposed world reality given by news scripts, often which are more fictional than real.
It also provides for usage of the left brain.
An inability to function outside of the alpha brainwave state frequencies will lead to a state of dementia being seen earlier in the mid-life years, which is not genetic, of an hereditary base dementia.
It is only six decades that television has been with the masses. We are now seeing the early symptoms by having dementia in the elderly increasing on a vast scale, a dementia that was little seen six decades ago, a dementia that now completely takes the ability of beta, of left brain functioning away from the person.
Listening to audio impulses that connect the left and right side of the brain should become an invaluable exercise for older people.
Excessive radio frequency waves that are in most developed countries are having an effect upon humans, especially older humans whose beta brainwave state usage is not that of young and mid-life people who have to work and deal constantly with the world around them.
Radio frequency waves cannot be avoided for governments have agreed with companies that emit on these phone radio frequencies that no harm is being done. Billions of dollars are involved.
Young people especially use mobile phone, cell phone and the many varied frequencies, and tablet wi-fi to interact. To state there is a problem in excessive radio frequency waves is ignored for it goes against all that is taking place socially and in business on the planet.
So the best that can be done, is not to have wi-fi in the home, petition the governments to not allow smart meters to be used, for this is not necessary and adds to the excessive radio frequency wave usage. Others will think of better ways to deal with this, and should be listened to by the population, forcing the many governments to act.
Pharmaceutical drugs have been found as a cause of imbalance in brainwave functioning.
These drugs are often given to older people.
We therefore have a trio identified as a cause of dementia: television, the loss of left brain, beta usage, pharmaceutical drugs, and radio frequency waves of an excessive nature that now permeate all of our brains.
Audio impulses that connect left and right sides of the brain should be considered as an exercise for everyone to enhance right and left brain connectivity. Especially elder people!
These are my ideas. I offer no proof for what I say. To anyone who disagrees with me, I will say this. You do not have to agree with me. You do not have to do anything that in my writing I recommend.
I have no connection with any company who sells sound impulses. As far as I know, left and right brain connecting sound impulses are harmless at a non-damaging audible level.
Frequencies can be induced by some highly developed left and right sound impulses that can lead to a connection to inner levels that might result in an inexperienced person who has psychic brain stabilizing difficulty when or after engaging.
These sound impulses specially developed for inner world connection are not sold to the general public by reputable companies. If they are they have a cautionary warning.
Remaining words: Brain has to be kept busy.
Busyness is not to remain in an alpha passive state within right brain activity.
A passive state within right brain activity is absorbing that given in passive activity, such as the hypnotic effect of watching television.
An active state within right brain activity is to bring forth creative ideas passed to this area of the brain from inner mind operating within its own frequency state, that connected with brain, but not part of the physical brain.
A healthy brain is a connection that takes place between the right and left of the brain regarding all matters.
Heightened intelligence is a connection that takes place between the right and left of the brain regarding all matters.
Such as the left and right hemispheres of the brain of Einstein studied and found to have unusually good connection pathways.
Artists — those who create in all forms, bring their ideas of the mind into the right side of the brain, then manifesting these concepts as art and knowledge of how to make things work into the physical world — both left and right hemispheres of the brain connect healthily.
Governments need to know that taking care of the physical body is not enough. Of equal importance is taking care of the brain. That means allowing older people to function in a left hemisphere beta state brain. It means older people need to know that doing nothing takes away not only their life enjoyment, it also takes away their brain activity.
In homes to where elderly people have been removed and kept due to physical difficulty and mental difficulty, pastimes that are set up by caring competent people who are aware of this need for right-left brain connection needs to be a daily many hourly occurrence.
This means games, it means where nature can be observed and discussed in outings that include walking, not simply riding on a bus. It means learning computer skills and the ability to interact on the computer with people.
People talking, sharing their opinions and sharing their memories of a life, is a healthy left and right brain activity.
Keeping a brain active in a person is as much a responsibility of that person as eating. This can easily be explained. Watching television, falling into long periods of an alpha state — that is not deep meditation, something that does employ both sides of the brain — is not healthy for any person, and people who retire should have this knowledge.
It is the responsibility of government, that of a healthy society, to provide such knowledge and to provide and fund caring people to assist those in acquiring skills after one retires.
Nothing should be forced in a free society, with enough information people determine for themselves that which is in their best interest.
It is up to the individual to see to their own brain. Free will extends to one’s body and to one’s brain. No one should be ordered to do anything.
No one has the right to order an other soul to do anything. The only right one has is to stop one person harming another.
Society needs to stop government harming elderly people by placing them in front of a television. This is the governments cheapest option.
Employment by younger caring people is to be seen as vital in a program of teaching the elderly how to bring added benefit into their life. Elderly have built over a life skills that many young people would like to learn. Such a process of interconnection is vital.
Connections with the old and young acts as a vital process of society.
It is up to the individual to see to their own brain, but they should be given the education to understand how their brain works.
Older people themselves should be not only allowed, but placed in charge of this education and therapy activity, for they have the wisdom to deal with their own. This employment has an added benefit of increasing their own left right brain connecting activity.
If only for economic reasons, it is much less expensive for society to have government, who have been given delegation to assist society, to provide the means for healthy left-right brain activity, rather than allow large percentages of their elderly population to slip into dementia and to have to take care of incapable people.
A situation that is happening today, wasting a valuable resource, people.
As time progresses governments will opt for euthanasia. Society as a grouping much decide which path it wishes to take.
An elderly population with functioning and healthy brains will provide much benefit to a society.
Learned scholarly societies in the past, those within the life-affirming populations, have all understood this.
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Alzheimer's risk benadryl nytol ditropan sinepin piriton

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Popular sleep remedies and hayfever pills 'increase risk of Alzheimer's by more than 50%'
Many of the drugs are more commonly taken by older people, with up to half of the UK’s elderly population being prescribed at least one anticholinergic medication.  click here
Media dementia scare over hay fever and sleep drugs  click here
Benefits to health  — 2017
Link Found between Vitamin D3 Deficiency and Dementia
When salvestrols come into contact with the CYP1B1 inside human cancer cells, they become “activated”—and cause the cancer cells to stop growing or die.
Plants possess substances within them that help them fight off life-endangering “predators.”
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