Translations of Discussions with The WE.
REINCARNATION - Why do people do it!

Translations of Discussions with The WE.
When the physical body is left behind, when we live in the ethereal astral realms that most of us gravitate towards, is this enough?
Are people happy after mortal existence?
Kewe visiting the spiritualists churches has listened to mediums, has trained himself to become a medium. During this period of time, he has learned that his books are not only read here upon Earth, but are also read in these etheric astral existences where we live after we pass from Earth. Acting as a medium, contacted by a friend Kewe knew while alive upon Earth, the friend after passing made it known to him that the purpose of contact with Kewe was due to his friend reading his books.
Because of this, including the idea that some on the etheric realm might also be interested in his thoughts, Kewe decides to continue with his writing, in this instance, Reincarnation — Why do we reincarnate?
Why would anyone wish to return to Earth if the etheric world is so wonderful as it is said to be? Is our place in this world not retirement continuing? But with a body that suits in age, look and preference, a body not susceptible to illness, a body shaped by one's own mind?
People on Earth who retire, some upon Earth in their later years, those who have fulfilled their Earth life to a position where they are able to retire, have begun to question an ongoing future for themselves.
Most come to accept and perhaps fear that the possibility of death is getting closer.
Is there truly an after-life?
Is an after-life a fabrication?
If during a life one has become imbued with a philosophy such as Christianity, or part of an Abrahamic religion: Judaism or a Muslim faith, or become involved in a teaching of mind philosophy that in former days they had once perceived as truth and reality, a retired person might begin to ask themselves, if the teachings of a priest or religion, this philosophy they have accepted as truth for so many years, is in fact correct.
Some will come to a Spiritualist church, and experience during a service, or at a private sitting with a medium, where proof may be given of a passing of a loved one that this loved one has indeed not died, but lives on.
Other contact with mediums may well show that loved ones — who the person has known during their life — will show to the satisfaction of this person that the passing has taken place, that their loved ones have passed into a new existence.
Where are my friends living?
The next question may well be, 'Where are these friends now living?
Is the transition to the astral-ethereal body merely a continuation of that which a person has occupied themselves with upon Earth?
That depends!
Mind connected with the physical brain when in a mortal body ceases to connect with the brain at physical death, or sometimes before if there is long-term brain illness.
A person at male female human conception is provided with a physical body growing inside its mother's womb.
The same time the physical body is growing, so also an Astral-etheric body grows in its frequency, the Astral-etheric frequency.
This is so that if a still-birth should occur, or a termination of the child, or a death of a child near its birth, there will be a body able to move into the Astral-etheric realm, where the still-born child, or ill child, will be often taken care of by a close relative, a grand-parent.
If a child in the Astral-etheric realm does not have a close relative, then a nursing person will be provided. Often a loving carer who did not have a child while upon their Earth life is provided to take care of the newly arrived child in the Astral-etheric realms.
In later life, as a person shifts out of the physical body at human death, that person will move into the Astral-etheric frequency.
Here the Astral-etheric body, already residing inside the physical body since its creation at birth, will move into the Astral-etheric frequency.
This Astral-etheric frequency body is a body that remains in the Astral-etheric frequency until it is freed by physical death — or an out-of-body experience takes place.
As a person shifts out of the physical body and brain at human death, that person will move into the Astral-etheric frequency body and mind.
Adjustment is based upon the mind awareness of the person moving into the Astral-etheric realm.
If this awareness is not strong and the person is having difficulty understanding what has happened, that person will be guided to a rest centre for a period where the person can be instructed by a carer taught how to give such instruction.
With instruction, the Astral-etheric body becomes restored, made whole.
Physical illness does not exist in the astral-etheric realm, or if it does, only for a time until the mind of the person can be taught how to free itself from the physical illness symptoms still showing.
Retreat centres, provided in the Astral-etheric realms, teach the person how to make themselves well and whole.
Help is also given to a person who has experienced serious mind illness.
People, not entering the Astral-etheric realm with the help or a friend or loved one waiting for them, will often think they are blind, that they cannot see.
This also applies in war-time, such as the First World War on Earth, and instances where many deaths are caused by environment, earthquake and extreme weather changes upon Earth, where many people are being killed and transferred from the physical frequency to the Astral-etheric realm with not enough carers and guides to help them.
Once in the Astral-etheric realm, the mind itself is not restored.
Such is the reason for a person to arrive in the Astral-etheric realm not aware, due to being killed in war, or killed in a traffic accident, either that they have died and freed themselves from the physical body, or not understanding what has happened after they have passed.
A person who solidly believes there is no transition to another realm after physical death, will have a mind that refuses to believe they can possibly be alive.
This mind has to be allowed time to adjust.
So the need for a retreat centre, and also the help and compassion of a trained guide working in the Astral-etheric realm.
In this transition of passing, the personality of the person who has passed remains.
The person brings to the Astral-etheric realm all its knowledge its brain has acquired upon Earth.
This knowledge has passed from the brain into the mind area of the person while the person has been alive upon Earth. The mind area of a person has its own frequency that resides in a mind frequency.
This is relevant to reincarnation because the mind in its own frequency is divided in conscious knowledge and unconscious awareness.
Unconscious awareness includes awareness of past lives the individual Soul, or Higher Self entity has lived.
This mind frequency has an ability to connect with the Astral-etheric realms.
The mind of a person after passing will have an Astral-etheric body and mind.
This Astral-etheric mind has all the conscious knowledge that its mind has that resides in its own mind frequency.
The person passing brings with it all its conscious knowledge, or lack of knowledge, its brain has acquired upon Earth, up to the time of the person's giving up the physical body and brain.
This information remains within the conscious Astral-etheric mind in the Astral-etheric realms, and becomes the new person.
For the new person entering the Astral-etheric realms from Earth, this is a seamless change.
Nothing different in the person is recognised, only that there has been a change, if the person believes in an afterlife.
Having a friend or relative at the time of passing is most helpful at this time of change.
Mind, residing in its own frequency, is also connected to a concept we call 'Soul.' Another name for Soul is 'The Higher Self.
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Words from the book 'Heal Thyself'
By 'White Eagle'
The Higher Self:
Beyond your physical body and the personality known to your companions on earth, is your true self which has descended from the spheres of light — your true home — to manifest on earth.
It is impossible yet for that self to manifest fully through the lower vehicles, because they are not ready to receive that beautiful spirit; but you are preparing these vehicles, the emotional, mental, etheric and all finer bodies, in your daily life.
When through discipline and initiation your lower vehicles are ready, then your spirit will be able to manifest, to a greater degree, through your physical form.
The higher self is composed of very fine ether and is pulsating with light, which as you develop will begin to shine through the chakras in the etheric body, the 'windows' of your soul.'
When this divine fire is brought into full operation so that all the chakras are active as God intended, then the whole body will be in a state of ascension.
We mean by this that the whole body, although still of a physical nature, will be functioning on a much higher plane of consciousness that it is at present.
At present it may be in a dark state, but when the divine fire is kindled and active, then the body will be quickened in vibration and will be light and beautiful; it will approach the standard achieved by the God-men, and Sun-men, who walked this earth in the beginning of its creation.
Wise and great teachers are even now drawing close to the spheres surrounding the earth, to bring their wisdom to mankind.
Souls who have passed through the fires of suffering and who have attained a degree of self-discipline will be taught how safely to develop the divine fire within themselves; for it is both creative and destructive, and the ignorant and self-willed who think to use the mysteries of creation in a heedless and selfish way can bring destruction on themselves.
Thus you will see the necessity for self-discipline and careful preparation of the finer light who watch over mankind preserve the secrets until man himself is ready to use them and to enter into the full joy of the God-life according to the will and purpose of the Creator.
Man in his ignorance is all the time dissipating this fire within him through his own urgent desires and passions, his uncontrolled emotion.
Every time you give way to passion and anger you dissipate this holy fire; every time emotions are controlled and transmuted to the warmth of love, you build the light into your vehicles.
You are using the divine fire to illumine your own soul to, beautify the world around you and to glorify God.
Develop for the heart, mediate on love, live love, absorb love, give love, and your soul will become alight.
The divine magic will rest in your hands enabling you to heal the sick, to comfort the bereaved, to bless the sorrowful, to beautify everything you touch and to bring peace and happiness to the life of man.
The higher self of which we have spoken lies beyond earthly thought and beneath all sound and outward form.
It is not approached through earthly thought but through realisation of the Christ Light.
It does not intrude; it is not contaminated by the earth personality; it is wholly pure.
When, in a flash, contact with it is made, cosmic consciousness comes, for when you touch the higher self, you touch the whole cosmic realm.
The way to approach this higher self is by surrender — surrender of personal desire of self-love; and by contemplation, in a state of adoration, of the supreme being called Christ.
Every child of God must have within the heart an ideal of the Perfect One, but that ideal lies beyond thought.
It is an idea which embodies the purest realisation of what life might become, the purist manifestation of the son or daughter of God.
Let us put it another way.
You create an ideal which is your conception of the Christ; you contemplate the qualities of the Being, you are aware of His perfect love, His humility, His purity; and as you contemplate you become identified with your creation.
You cannot feel these qualities without becoming one with them, if only for a flash, and in so doing you become at one with your higher self, in fact with the Christ.
We know you cannot retain that consciousness of pure light, pure truth indefinitely, for it is the very highest of which you are capable.
But you can touch it in moments of exaltation and be illumined.
Your higher self does not usually function through your mind except when the inspiration comes for you to act in accordance with the laws of Christ.
But the lower mind of earth is always ready to give you a good reason why you should not do so.
In course of time you will learn to distinguish very clearly between these two parts of your being, the earth-self and the Christ-self.
Again we would say that the higher self is not contacted through the mind, but through the heart and quality of love.
Love is not possessive. To love is to give, love is a radiation, a sending forth from the heart of a sweet essence which heals.
Our Different Bodies
and their Energies!
Mind, the Mental body, is both part of the astral etheric physical frequencies, and growth for the 'Higher Self.'
Describing bodies such as the mental body, used by the 'Higher Self,' is extremely difficult for those who have not engaged is some out of body experience.
Even trying to describe differences between the etheric or ethereal body and the astral body is a complicated process. Many people erroneously merge the two concepts.
Alice Bailey, in Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle states that Helena P. Blavatsky merged the two concepts of the etheric body and astral body in her descriptions.
Confusion is due to people having experiences and then in writing giving names to these experiences, trying to make these names fit to the experience the person is having.
I start with the etheric body because this is the most common of experience. The etheric body is the closest energy body to the physical.
The etheric body extends one quarter to two inches beyond the physical body and pulsates at about 15-20 cycles per minute. As mentioned earlier, the etheric body develops at the same time as the physical body, from birth.
If at physical body death the etheric body does not transition into an etheric realm, helped by someone — a relative, friend or a guide — then that separate etheric body will become an embodiment of a ghost.
In spiritualist churches, ghosts are recognized as etheric energy forms, not people, leftovers of etheric energy that remain in physical frequencies. They call beings who remain as etheric energy in physical frequencies, spirits. However they also call all beings who live in etheric bodies in the etheric realms, spirits. So this is confusing.
My preference is to distinguish a person who remains in the etheric body, who has not passed on from the physical world frequencies, as a ghost.
When a human in the physical body is able to see such a person not passed on, this person, this ghost looks exactly as he did before he passed, before he or she died.
In terms of dress, he or she wears the clothing they did before death. This clothing is mental clothing, molded by their mind, whatever their minds considers as appropriate to them. It is an unconscious process for the new ghost who now finds himself in a half world, not alive in the physical world of Earth, but not experiencing life in their new home of the ethereal frequencies.
This sense of dress worn by a ghost is ordinarily reported by people who see ghosts.
Children who 'die' when young, often decide that they do not wish to enter the etheric frequency.
So many children decide to remain in the physical frequencies while in their etheric body, that it is reported by people who seek out ghosts, that there are more children as ghosts than there are adults.
Adult ghosts in the etheric tend to gather in communities. They live in group existences where they will seek energies from humans.
These energies can be alcohol, or other drugs that the person was addicted to before their physical death.
Ghosts can also be seen to take energy as a form of sexual gratification from people living in the physical world who become very intoxicated.
Ghosts may be people who are not addicts but are afraid for some reason to move into the etheric world, to pass over via walking across to a world they can see, or to enter an opening to a tunnel they can see.
Because of religious belief, most ghosts are not aware that punishment is not part of the realm waiting for them to enter.
The reason for fear may be due to a religious belief the ghost has, or a fear that has little validity in the etheric world, such as suicide, or a murder or other foul deed that the ghost may have engaged when alive.
Ghosts are not aware that the etheric world they see has been constructed to be a progressive path where to enter will lead to recuperation.
This does not mean that there are not low-vibration areas of etheric existence.
The purpose of these low-vibration etheric areas being to provide a base for those who can only enter such areas, due to the ghost's present consciousness — a consciousness the ghost built as they lived their life upon Earth.
These half-beings, for they are neither of one frequency range, the etheric frequencies, nor of the physical frequencies, may remain in their half-state for many years.
Only when their communities begin to loose members, and their loneliness forces them, do the rest of the ghosts within a community decide it is time to move on.
Children ghosts do have beings, 'spirits,' from the etheric frequencies, who come to them encouraging them to move to an existence that is a better existence.
With persistence, these children ghosts at last accept that which they are told and are guided by their helpers into passing from the earth frequencies into the etheric frequencies.
Making contact with ghosts
and those in the spirit worlds!
Spiritualist churches teach people to act as mediums. Such mediums learn to make contact with people, many loved ones who have passed over to etheric frequencies by seeing, by hearing, by sensing, by knowing a presence is contacting them.
When such mediums see a person in the etheric realm, they are able to describe that which they are seeing.
Descriptions made of such people, 'spirits,' usually fit exactly the etheric body, a duplicate copy of the human body when it existed in the physical world.
The person seen in the etheric realm looks like the person who came from the physical earth realm.
Mediums, learning from that which they are told by spirits in the etheric, tell us that by will, by mind, by each spirits, 'persons,' mental ability, which is easier in the etheric realms, change themselves more to how they most prefer their look as their life changed with time upon Earth.
Babies and children who pass to the etheric realms, will be seen by mediums, as growing in the etheric realms much the same as they would have grown, had they remained as children upon earth.
Seeing people who have adjusted their etheric body — and seeing children as they look years after passing to the etheric realms —is a very common experience with mediums. This is so ordinary and repeated that a scientist would, had they an open mind, consider this as science.
Bodies and
higher realm energies!
Now we get into more complicated realities that are not a easy to describe.
The Astral Body is truly an area where the individual finds oneself in the unknown.
Each person makes up their own descriptive experience of astral body or etheric body projection based often upon their belief, or that which most seems to fit, of that which has taken place with them when out of the physical body.
At first the Astral Body can be seen as an emotional, feeling, body creation.
This body is not like the etheric body, a duplication of the physical.
In its own reality, its own frequency, often the astral body will change its energy to a colour that suits, hues that fit the sense that runs through this body.
Rudolf Steiner states that sleep life is important to this body: This body holds our instincts and prejudices.
Whatever we think of Steiner, the astral body, being a body of consciousness, comes for many who experience this body creation, closer to the idea of 'mind' than to that of 'body.'
The astral body, interacting as it does with the astral level, and with the astral bodies of other human and non-human beings, contains most of the parts of the self that has been created in the physical earth world.
Writing of an alternate personality in his book Translations. In a chapter A New Q, Kewe details how the alternate being he calls Jake came about. Other chapters give experiences of Jake traveling from the Astral level into the physical experience.
Kewe describes how Jake is a creation of the physical brain of Kewe, something that took place in the pre and unconscious awareness that Kewe consciously had no part of creating.
Kewe describes how Jake speaks through Kewe's voice mechanism, as any other alternate personality speaks. Jake manifests in the physical world as a twenty some male. Kewe is not sure if his body changes in physical appearance when Jake is present, as he has never been able to see himself in a mirror, or on a video tape.
Kewe's vocal contact with Jake has allowed him to hear Jake speaking. Jake has an accent with a strong American flavour, much stronger than Kewe's.
Jake uses words similar to someone in his age grouping, words that Kewe has no knowledge. Kewe has no idea how Jake came to learn these words.
Kewe believes Jake is an astral apparition, using astral energy to make his presence known.
Astral projection is said to be where consciousness, and astral body energy in its frequency, separate together from the physical body.
Astral projected beings do not have to take the form of a human. This is stated by many who have viewed such astral energy forms.
Because of Jake's appearance in the physical world, Kewe believes there is something unusual or unique about the presence of Jake when it does manifest.
Jake, who appears at odd moments in Kewe's life, is a wonderment to Kewe.
Mind body
In his book, The Game chapter Keweland Kewe explains how he has always believed his mental body takes a female form.
Since this time, Kewe has appeared to various people, including his mother in a process of mental projection, this also described in The Game
Recently on a mental connection visit to his mother, Kewe asked her what he had looked like the two times he appeared to her as a projection!
"Do I look like you know me as a man, or like a woman?" he asks
"Like a woman," his mother replied.
"A woman?" Kewe asked again, wondering if he had heard correctly.
"A woman," his mother insisted.
More details of how Kewe thinks of this can be read in The Game chapter Keweland
Why do we
So why do we reincarnate?
Why do people come back to places such as Earth in a new body?
Betty Shine states that most people remain for about 70 Earth years in the Etheric frequencies before deciding to reincarnate.
How she knows this is not explained.
Betty Shine during her lifetime had many contacts with people in the Spirit world.
When she was in the process of healing, spirits would visit her and give information that she would pass on to the person she was healing. It is likely she came to her conclusion about reincarnation through this.
People arriving in their new life in the ethereal realm, after time spent upon earth in the physical body, have to make adjustments.
Most in the etheric body do not sleep. People do rest when required.
Recent arrivals often do sleep until they become used to not needing this sense of physical refreshment.
Having an etheric body governed by a mind trained to govern the body, some might find exciting.
Even formerly elderly, and people we would not expect to cope, do seem to cope.
For most, life in this new world is an adjustment easily accomplished it appears when people, 'spirits,' speak of this transition after physical death, and life in the etheric realms, through mediums.
Kewe has an uncle who passed over.
Before passing, this uncle was visited by his two brothers, helping him in the passing, in the change of his earth body into his new awareness in the etheric realm
Months later, Kewe found that this uncle had joined his two brother, who were already helping people pass into the etheric at physical death.
They were also doing medical work, combining as a team of nurses, for the purpose of helping people both before and after passing from their life on Earth.
One of the brothers had wished to be a nurse when on Earth. He had worked when in the military during the second world war, as a nurse, but had been unable to continue this work in his later life on Earth.
Now the three brothers made it known to Kewe that they were assisting people who had physical illness on earth.
They had connections with doctors and surgeons who wished to continue with their medical work while in the etheric realm.
Not all healing of the physical body can be accomplished of a medical nature from the etheric side, but some healing can be done. The brothers were assisting the work the doctors were doing, finding patients who needed such help, and who of the doctors could help.
Why is not more known of this type of healing?
It is likely much of this work is done when the patient is asleep. Kewe himself had this type of healing, on his heart, when he was young, during sleep. Never knowing any healing had been done,
He had been informed by university doctors, a panel at the time, that he had an enlarged heart and that if he didn't seek further help, he had only five years perhaps to live.
Kewe declined the help, asked for a spiritual healing. He was in his early twenties at the time. He is in his seventies today. He writes about this in his new book not yet published.
Kewe does not recommend this 'flippant' attitude towards medical doctors in the physical world. But this is an actual experience he has had in his life, and has coloured his attitude towards the medical profession since.
'Everyone,' he would say, 'has to make up their own mind with regard to how they live their life.' That is certainly true as to how Kewe has lived his life.
So there are people on the etheric who engage in some version of 'work,' as Kewe's three uncles occupy themselves.
Indeed it would seem that entering the ethereal realms is another version of retirement. Having a worn-out physical body is a necessary requirement for retirement on physical earth.
But once the worn-out body of earth becomes replaced with a new 'mind' version of an etheric body, work or retirement continues in the etheric world. It is up to an individual how they wish to spend their time.
Everything is possible! We can fly to wherever we wish! This applies to destinations on Earth in its reality as well as varied places to visit in the ethereal realm.
We can spend a lot of time with our loved ones on earth, even though it is not as exciting because they mostly do not know we are present.
If we were artists upon Earth, we can pursue and continue such art: writing, composing, building structures with our mind, whatever we choose to do with our time.
We can learn, read, watch videos, become interested in spirituality, step upon the progressive path, visiting the many temples and services that are available to us.
One might say nothing is not available to us, including the many spiritual experiences we can have on this progressive path. Except perhaps not having the experiences until we develop enough spiritually to have them.
So what happens after about 70 years to make us think of a new life, of reincarnation
Many will wait until children or one’s grandchildren or great grandchildren are born upon Earth, then after a rich Earth life rise to the ethereal world where they can be introduced to these grandfathers and grandmothers that formally have been forgotten.
But is this union, this bonding of grandparents and grandchildren, quite the same?
Does such a union need to be the same?
Is the bonding of knowing someone, having the experience of a life on Earth with them, the same?
Can we form new bonding with our loved ones?
Why should the bonding not be as sound in the etheric realms as a bonding would be having a lifetime spent with loved ones upon earth?
All very interesting questions to ask of a person, a 'spirit,' who is thinking of reincarnating.
What are their interests now?
Do they wish to pursue these interests they held while upon Earth?
Is this a reason why someone in the etheric realm might be considering reincarnation, considering a new life on earth?
There are no specific rules for who reincarnates, nor that one must reincarnate.
If our progressive path, our spiritual development has taken us into spiritual realms where we can now teach others, then it is likely the need to reincarnate upon earth is not with us.
We will be feeling a great sense of accomplishment not only in the knowledge we give others, but the continued learning we experience through this teaching we are doing.
As upon earth, the people who really learn about that which they are teaching, are those doing the teaching.
So why do we wish to reincarnate?
Are we tired of teaching others?
Is there some nagging concern we have acquired in our teaching, in our spiritual growth that takes us back to something we did in the past?
Do we wish to make amends for whatever this we did?
Are their people we wish to meet again, who have reborn upon Earth?
Why did we not connect with them before they decided to take a new life?
Where we prevented by etheric realm guidance not to disturb people who did not wish to connect with us?
Could we have had a long relationship with a person while we remained in the etheric realm?
There is no reason a relationship cannot be developed in the etheric realms, and continued for as long a period as the two, or more, people wish!
Does this sense of not needing to rectify a deed done to someone in the past, by meeting them in the present, take away the traditional notion of a reason to reincarnate, to absolve our 'sins' with other people, with deeds, things we have done in previous earth existences, words we have spoken that hurt, people we have hurt?
Is it possible to rectify a deed done to someone in the past in the etheric realm?
Perhaps sometimes it is, perhaps sometimes not!
Do we seek reincarnation because there are experiences that we believe we receive on Earth that we cannot get elsewhere?
There are those who remain in higher realms of spirit frequencies who say they would not wish to return to Earth, to an earth-life upon earth.
There are perhaps those who have already reincarnated to earth that we would wish to have a child with.
If we are in love with this person, and earth being the source where children are created, is this a reason for us to take on a new earth life?
How can we guarantee that among all the people of earth, we would find this one person we are looking for. And that this one person would be able, through some recognition, be able to fight through the many obstructions the mind throws up in a person living an earth life, so that we could find them, and they could find us?
We ourself might not be able to remember the reason we came down here, and so embroil us in many adventures of a new family and relations that we do not wish!
These adventures of reincarnation, not even recognised, likely take place in many instances for people.
Kewe would speculate that a better reason one might have is to work on a progressive path that takes us beyond our desires.
Such a progressive path might at some moment bring us to a similar moment with a 'soul' partner, a 'loved' one, as that we would obtain in the turmoil of trying to work out our desires through reincarnation.
All depends upon our faith in a 'Greater Purpose' for ourself, and that our creation does have a purpose.
Reincarnation is not a small decision.
Kewe believes that he will seek a progressive path, a spiritual path when the moment comes for him to make such a decision, when, if, he returns to a life in the spiritual, etheric realms.
Reading Kewe's The Game chapter Keweland such a decision may already have been made by him.
He hopes many reading this, the purpose for this article, will find a need for a questioning that they will have to make, as to whether they wish to again reincarnate, or whether they will follow a path back to soul, to the 'Higher Self,' a path that will take their desire, their real purpose, as they have in their mind, forward, from where they are now.
Kewe, in writing this article about reincarnation and the progressive path, is fully aware that he is in the throws of desire. Another article, Falling in Love not yet completed, not published, details this.
Kewe, attempting to throw himself into the pit of the desire of loving someone, who he wishes to engage in love, both carnal and spiritual, and finding himself again in a wilderness where there is nothing, believes the following by White Eagle should be read and reread.
After continued reading, at some moment an evaluation must take place as to these words.
With this evaluation we make, without desire, without forces that constantly creep into our life, something should happen as to us recognising the value of reincarnation or remaining on the progressive path.
As appropriate:
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Words from the book 'Heal Thyself'
By 'White Eagle'
The Christed One:
The star with six points is the symbol of man made perfect, the Christed One.
There are many Christed ones.
They are those who have lived according to the Christ law.
It takes many incarnations for the soul to attain to mastership of the physical, emotional and mental planes; but the man who can truly be called a Christed one is he who has trained himself to give love.
In his daily life, in all his relationships with his brethren, he gives love, and love is light.
You all become confused about love and you say, 'There are some people I cannot love.'
Our answer to this is, keep the personal feelings in abeyance.
Love is for love's own sake. Think how lovely God is, how lovely is His creation; and with all your heart and soul love God. Love the Christ.
Could you see healing hands at work with your inner sight, you would see the streams of light flowing from them.
That light is the result of love. Only love heals—the vibration of love.
When you have an injury, think of the injured or diseased part with thoughts of love.
Lay your right hand on the painful part and think of it in terms of love—love not pity; pity is quite a different matter.
Love the place, and the healing light will pour through your hand.
If we think of the suffering in the world with compassion, as we imagine Jesus thought of it, we can send forth a light like a great star which will find a resting-place in the heart of the weary, the sad and the sick; and there the great light of love creates a new life, a new body.
The projection of the light of the star to heal mankind should not be irksome or tiring; it should be a quite radiation from within.
You are the channel for the light.
You yourself form the symbol of the six-pointed star.
The I AM, the Christ within your heart, is the star, the flame,
I AM the star; the light of the eternal fires radiates through me and IS the star
The star, as it radiates from your heart, calls to and stimulates the light and the love within the heart of those upon whom you are concentrating.
And now, using your imagination, imagine you are looking into the centre of that star which is the symbol of the Christ-man.
As you gaze on it, concentrating on the love and healing light which it represents, you feel yourself being drawn into the star, you become part of it, and you are pouring out healing rays from its heart to the whole world
The power of the spirit is within you
It is creative and knows no limitation.
You allow your earthly mind to cramp your thinking or restrict your vision.
In your daily life, in your contacts with your fellow creatures, in your work, never allow yourself to feel the limitations of physical matter.
You see dear brethren, it is all a question of consciousness.
As you think, so you are.
You are all accustomed to that phrase about 'building castles in the air,' without realising the truth of these words.
Create in your consciousness, first of all, the star, realising that you are in the centre of the star.
You are the star, and from you its light goes forth into the ethers.
In doing this you receive strength; you receive the power of divine love, which does not admit failure.
Divine love is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent.
God is within your innermost being, and with God all things are possible.
This is the last segment of The Higher Self
Chapter 11 of ‘Translations of Discussions with The WE’
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