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Mind Illness
Mind Illness
It is after 4 early Christmas morning.
I have been reading of Constantine, the Council of Nicæa in A.D. 325, where Arians, a sect of early Christians lost their amendment that God and Jesus were not the same.
Where after weeks of argument with the ‘pro-divines’ it was decided by a majority that Jesus was the Son of God, the second member of the Trinity.
Ego and Mind Illness
That is how it came about! Isn’t it strange that one should become a God at the whim of a majority of Earth people.
Ego and Mind Illness
A sect had become a power in the East of the Roman Empire, proclaiming that Jesus was not God, not the ’anointed,’ Christós, was not the Messiah.’
This teaching — then considered as a heresy of Arius of Alexandria — was a belief of some magnitude in Eastern areas of Christendom.
The Arians were against any proposed change to theology being followed in the West.
Popular teaching in the West was that Jesus was distinct from the Father, subordinate to the Father.
Much back and forth is debated.
Should an important 'political' decision be decided at this Constantine Christian church gathering?
Ego and Mind Illness
To make such a change, at the meeting, now called 'the Council of Nicæa,' would mean the East, the Arians, would lose, as well as a sizable amount of influence, also any power they held over the church.
Ego and Mind Illness
Weeks of argument with those spoken as the pro-divines would see an argument presented at the Council, only to be rejected — including a nontrinitarian belief that Jesus Christ is a Son of God, created by God the Father, yet Jesus is distinct from the Father but subordinate to the Father.
So a political decision is made.
Constantine will decree Christianity to be the religion to be practiced throughout the Roman Empire.
This will reduce the power of the East and the Arian dogma, allow Constantine to rule in a united religious Christian empire.
This is how Jesus has the title of 'begotten' by the 'Father' from his own being.
And, in the strangeness of the political will and determination of the council, a proposal by the Bishops, of Jesus having 'no beginning to his life,' and being 'an eternal Son.'
Jesus, both 'God' and 'Son of God,' is decided upon during a theological, 'political' battle of a council of Earth people in A.D. 325.
Such is when, at 'the Council of Nicæa,' a new God, as in Roman times, becomes named Jesus.
That is how for us in the twentieth century — the theology that we all follow today — Jesus is indeed both, 'God,' and, the 'Son of God.'
So why do people insist they have spoken to Jesus?
Have they perhaps spoken to a High Being who appears to them as Jesus?
Is the Armenian speaking preacher now alive and well, existing at other levels of spirituality?
Is Jesus, a symbol for God created through Christian faith, from thoughts and teachings, decisions of the Council of Nicæa century?
"A symbol," some will scoff.   "I have seen Jesus!   He has spoken to me!"
How can we try to fault someone who tells us such, and many do?
Many would not even consider that a mind, their mind, has convinced them that Jesus is real?
Should they even think that their mind has convinced them that Jesus is real?
"I have seen Jesus! He has spoken to me!" these many will continue to say.   "It is not my mind!   You will not understand unless Jesus appears to you!   Unless Jesus speaks to you!"
Arthur Findlay in The Rock of Truth states that Christianity is really the worship of the Sun God Mithra.
Mithra worship became commonplace in Persia where it originated, then spread across Europe to become the most popular religion within the Roman Empire.
Arthur Findlay states that all that is credited to Jesus as being God, had already been accepted by the followers of Mithra.
Accepted by followers of Mithra are notions of the Divine Son, the Virgin Birth. Also the Resurrection, Salvation of the wicked through the death of the Saviour. The Ritual of Baptism, the belief in a Trinity, three Gods in One: The Father, Son and Spirit.
Ego and Mind Illness
The symbol of the cross, was being used by those practicing Mithraism. This including the taking of God's Bread, the Eucharist, and the drinking of God's blood.!
When Constantine decreed Christianity to be the state religion of the Roman Empire, it was decided all that had been attributed to the Son God, the Son Gods before Mithra, would be attributed now to Jesus.
Christianity absorbed Mithraism, absorbed the beliefs even to using the Lamb as a symbol for Jesus. So much similarity of concepts and ritual absorbed into Christianity that many who study comparative religions do not today believe Jesus existed.
A creation of Essene teaching and custom, they accept it was Essene beliefs originating from life stories of Gautama the Buddha.
Jesus and Buddha, both an understanding of a reality of existence, both having Councils like Nicæa, centuries after their supposed deaths. Teachings changed for politics in the Councils into something else.
Is it all a con game?  By whom?  By the priests?  By those who have power able to manipulate populations that can be controlled?
Kewe writes of this in the book The Game -- The Enslavement Dream of control. A novel by a few who have managed to acquire vast amounts of power.
So it is Christmas morning, and Kewe sits typing.   Truth is he thinks most people now know Christmas is an astrology marking.
The young have looked at Zeitgeist on video on YouTube — especially the 2007 original version with the part that deals with the Sun Gods.
Older people have watched television to an endless moment where that which they think isn't the normal mind-illness they carry around in their heads.
What is mind-illness.
Mind-illness is acceptance of assumptions.
Mind-illness is acceptance of assumptions with no regard to conscience, knowledge and recognition of how people should behave in relation to each other.
Mind-illness is where people kill and torture each other, will do almost impossible harm to another person based upon assumptions they have come to accept.
The witchcraft trials an example.
What it this mind-illness that both the thought and power used by humans allow them to do what they do?
Read the chapter on Witchcraft in The Game -- The Enslavement Dream for details on this.
Why do we we hurt others?
Is this programmed into us at birth?
Especially the pleasure some receive from torture, the practice of torture, of seeing how a person experiences pain?
Who is it gave us this strangeness of how to get pleasure from seeing others absorb pain?
Can this be asked of how much pleasure we get from seeing others display joy?
Have we been programmed in our mind to experience pleasure from beheadings. People are said to have sat around for hours watching the life of French aristocrats taken from them.
Are we individuals that respond with a mind programmed to enjoy stimuli of cruelty?
Have we been created by unknown scientists?
If so for what purpose?
Did they create us so they could laugh when we respond with our feelings to such pleasures?
Ah! The macabre in us? How many love to absorb the fears of horror films? Watch with avid attention the skill of scripts, editors, those who create such bloodshed and terror?
But there is another aspect to humans!
That of growing and learning?
How do we grow and learn?
Do we need a religion to guide us?
Do priests really intend to hurt others in their creeds, their ideas of religious teaching?
Their ideas of that which is right and wrong?
Their often unilaterally imposed reasoning.
From Arthur Findlay’s book, The Rock of Truth:
Four Great Pagans
Mind Illness.

Pagan literature is known only to the few, and from childhood upwards we are taught that all we have and are today is the result of Christianity. This is quite wrong.

Cicero, Plutarch, Marcus Aurelius and Seneca, to mention only four great Pagans, teach a higher moral philosophy, containing higher aspirations of virtue, toleration and humanity, than does any religion before or after their time.

We ignore the source whence sprang the high level of culture of these times, and in ignorance attribute to Christianity what really came from Pagan philosophy.

Unfortunately, when Christianity obliterated the old religions of Rome and Greece it also submerged their philosophy, the place of which taken by creeds and dogmas, so much so that to believe in the Trinity and other church dogmas, was the test of a good Christian, and not his life.
Buried under dogmas of church
Mind Illness.

The teaching of the great Pagan writers and thinkers was buried under the dogmas of the Church, and in consequence Europe entered the dark ages. It emerged from them only when the Pagan teachings were relearned in the 16th century.

What is called Our Christian Civilization is therefore due to the great classical thinkers who lived between 600 B.C. and A.D.200.

When Christianity triumphed under Constantine, the civilised world received a setback from which it did not recover for 1,300 years.

As Farrer, that thoughtful classical authority, says in his book Paganism and Christianity, “There is indeed no fact more patent in history than that with the triumph
of Christianity under Constantine the older and finer spirit of charity died out of the world, and gave place to an intolerance and bigotry which were its extreme
antithesis, and which only in recent years have come to be mitigated.”

What a mental and moral gulf there is between non-Christian men such as Seneca, Plato, Marcus Aurelius or Plutarch, and Athanasius, Ambrose, Augustine and Jerome, to mention only four of the earlier Christian Fathers, with their warped and narrow minds, writing always with the object of compressing the human mind into their narrow creeds and dogmas.
Every man should consider himself a Son of God
Mind Illness.

What a contrast there is between the high and noble humanitarian aspirations expressed by the Pagans, and the creeds and dogmas of the Christian Church It is utterly false to say that the idea of the brotherhood of man originated in the teachings of Christianity.

It was one of the dominant ideas of Pagan philosophy before Christianity was thought of.

Marcus Aurelius rises from the common conception of the political community, to that of the wider community of humanity, with a breadth of mind that at no time has belonged to the Church. He, and others like him, envisaged mankind in one common brotherhood, each working for the good of humanity.

It was a primary tenet of the higher Pagan faith, that every man, insomuch as he shared the spirit of God, should consider himself as a Son of God, and that it
therefore behoved him to conduct himself in a manner befitting such a relationship, and to regard all his fellow men as brethren by virtue of their belonging to the same family as himself.

What a contrast between the sublime writings and thoughts of the great Pagans, and the cruelties, wars, persecutions and numberless horrors, which were the outcome of Christianity, as the result of its followers; belief that it was the only religion, and that all must believe in it or everlastingly perish.
Daylight came when people doubt Christian story
Mind Illness.

The general idea held by most people, that Christianity was responsible for raising the moral and spiritual level of the Roman world is a pious illusion for which there is not a particle of evidence.

By the 6th century we find all the schools of philosophy closed, all education and learning banned, all the worst of Paganism continuing, the best obliterated, and Europe in a night of intense darkness which lasted for more than a thousand years.

Daylight came only when people became intelligent enough to doubt the Christian story, and the claims of the Christian religion, and from that date the less they have been believed the better and happier has become Christendom.

Much of the teaching attributed to Jesus is considered by many to be peculiar to him and him only, and it is supposed that he was the first to teach love, gentleness, the love and fatherhood of God, and all the other virtues.

This is quite wrong, though this false way of regarding his teaching is encouraged by the Church, which claim that he originated all these injunctions.

I cannot count the number of sermons I have heard upholding this falsehood.
Teachers who taught everything attributed to Jesus
Mind Illness.

Long before the time of Jesus there were teachers who taught everything that is attributed to him, and there is nothing of value ascribed to him that was not said before his time.

Return good for evil and overcome anger with love, and he that would cherish me let him go and cherish his sick comrade, were sayings attributed to Buddha.

Do unto others as you would that they should do unto you, was said by Confucius.

Whenever thou art in doubt as to whether as action is good or bad, abstain from it, was said by Zoroaster a thousand years before Jesus.

One who is injured ought not to return the injury, for on no account can it be right to do an injustice, and it is not right to return an injury or to any evil to
any man, however much we may have suffered from him, was said by Socrates four hundred and fifty years before Jesus.

Let us not listen to those who think that we ought to be angry with our enemies, and who believe this to be great and manly. Nothing is more praiseworthy,
nothing so clearly shows a great and noble soul, as clemency and readiness to forgive, was said by Cicero seventy years before Jesus.
Lord's Prayer is Jewish prayer learned in Babylon
Mind Illness

If a man strike thee and in striking thee drop his staff, pick it up and hand it to him again, was ascribed to Krishna centuries before Jesus was born.

Similar teachings could be quoted from numerous sources in great numbers, attributed to men who lived hundreds of years before Jesus was born.

The immortality of the soul was taught by the Hindu, Egyptians, Greek and Romans, and many others. It is one of the earliest beliefs and is found in every religion..

What is termed `The Lord's Prayer' originated in Babylon, the tablet, on which is written a prayer resembling it, being discovered in 1882.

It is one of the oldest Jewish prayers, repeated by them for so long in the Chaldaic language, they having learned it in Babylon during their captivity.

Likewise all high ethical teachings attributed to Jesus can be found in many pre-Christian writings such as the Bhagavad Gita, the sacred book of India, and in the writings of Seneca, Ovid, Aristotle, Epictetus, Plato and many others.
Arthur Findlay — The Rock of Truth
Mind Wellness
For those who wish to believe in Jesus, those who have not succumbed to the many religious teachings that profess to speak in Jesus' name, I offer this from 'Heal Thyself' a six chapter booklet that includes words given to us by 'White Eagle'
For me, the essence of importance in the words below is the teaching of Christ manifesting through Jesus. This brings us to a much wider focus of Christ Consciousness, an entirely different aspect of thought to considering Jesus as the Son of God.
My concept of Jesus, living an Earth life, speaking words, open to the performance of miracles, is that of bringing forth a consciousness, Christ Consciousness, that manifests.   Time is not of an essence here, for Christ Consciousness is the eternal now.
From 'Heal Thyself' words of 'White Eagle':
Mind Wellness - White Eagle Heal Thyself

The spirit can change the vibration of the physical body, of matter, and the heart of man is the receptacle for the inflow of spirit, which in simple terms is love.
Make no mistake of thinking
we cannot respond to the purity of divine love.
Mind Wellness - White Eagle Heal Thyself

Let no man make the mistake of thinking that he is only human and cannot therefore be expected to respond to the purity of divine love.
Every man should consider himself a Son of God
Mind Wellness - White Eagle Heal Thyself

Man is divine as well as human.
I am the resurrection and the life.
Mind Wellness - White Eagle Heal Thyself

Jesus was man but he was also irradiated by Christ the Son.
Through Christ we will recieve perfect healing
Mind Wellness - White Eagle Heal Thyself

Christ when manifesting through Jesus said, 'I am the resurrection and the life.' If man will seek the presence of Christ, who is the life-spirit of this world, he will receive perfect healing.
Man's mind and body life-force to physical body
Mind Wellness - White Eagle Heal Thyself

Christ is the life, the life-force, the life-giving spirit, which flows through man's mind and soul into his etheric body, which is sometimes called a body of light, and is the transmitter of life-force to the physical body.
Etheric body a body of light
Mind Wellness - White Eagle Heal Thyself

AS you learn to love truly, your etheric body becomes a body of light and shines radiantly through the physical garment, giving it life and health, and through it - through you - life and sustenance to every soul you encounter, and you are thereby blessed.
Seek often contact with inner worlds
through prayer and meditation .
Mind Wellness - White Eagle Heal Thyself

Seek often this contact with the diven life. Through prayer and meditation seek fuller knowledge of the inner worlds, the beautiful joyous life of the spirit. Draw close to the Golden Light, the aster of Love, and reverenly accept the sustenance He offers.
My favourite person for dispensing Mind-Wellness, is a spiritual healer namer Betty Shine. She has written many books, three of these books have to do with enhancement of the mind. "Mind to Mind" "Mind Magic" and "Mind Waves" Anyone who reads any of these books, which can be obtained from the internet, will automatically be moved into a state of Mind Wellness.
These three books above show how to move the mind to a state where we as humans regain control of our mind.
An excerpt from "Mind Magic" by Betty Shine:
In my first book "Mind to Mind," I explained how I discovered a bright, white energy around the head which looked like a vibrating halo and which I had studied for eleven years.
I explained how negative thoughts funnelled this energy upwards instead of outwards, while positive thoughts directed it outwards instead of inwards.
In so doing it expanded it in ever more powerful ways, linking it up with the universal mind, that great reservoir of thought and knowledge outside ourselves.
Healing is dependent on the application of mind energy; so are thought transference, clairvoyance, mediumship and much else.
If I say that mind energy is the great force in our lives I am not exaggerating.   Its power is even greater than that of the atom — after all, it harnessed it — and like the atom it must be used only for good, because whatever you give out will return to you tenfold or more.
That is the Universal Law. There is no getting away from it. Whatever you give out will, no matter how long it takes, return.
I have spent many years studying this energy around the heads of hundreds of clients and this study was my main reason for writing my bestselling book. I wanted to share my discoveries with the whole world.
Now my desire is go one stage further. I hope this present book will give you a still better understanding of mind energy and why it is vital to be positive at all times, why you cannot allow negativity into you life.
I will not only explain in it how mediums receive messages and give evidence of survival, how absent healing is given, how the Universal Mind links up with the intuition, but also how you can become psychic, have your own survival messages and clairvoyance, heal yourself and others, and also give absent healing.
By the time you have finished reading it you should already have opened the door to a new, positive, optimistic life-style.
But first I want to remind you that mind energy is effected by every single thought you have. So let us get back to mind energy.
When someone is depressed it looks as though the whole centre of the halo I described has been sucked in.
Knowing how powerful this energy is, one can only guess at the pressure that must be depressing the brain and surrounding muscles and tissue.
It is quite dangerous, to say the least, and the more you can work at lifting the pressure and return the halo to its natural shape, the healthier you will be.
If you are a natural depressive please don't worry — there is still a way out.
This book has been written with you in mind.
Try to think outwards at all times.
Thinking of oneself all the time is a bad habit that has to go — believe me, you cannot afford it and, let's face it, it really is quite simple.
Remember, inward thinking draws the mind energy down. Outward thinking expands it, releasing pressure.
For example, we have all noticed how our memory is affected when times are difficult and negativity creeps in.
This is because the brain cells are under pressure and cannot function correctly.
When the pressure is very bad, the messages that the brain gives to the body to enable it to function can sometimes be incorrect, and this can cause a number of physical problems which are called psychosomatic.
In this case healing can work miracles by simply dislodging the congestion caused by the mind energy.
Now you can see how important it is to be positive, to keep the mind energy expanding outwards and to keep the pressure off the brain and body.
I can hear you saying, it's OK for you, you haven't got my life.
Believe me, my life has been full of problems and there are very few people indeed who escape.
Life is problematical.
If it were easy we wouldn't strive; we wouldn't learn to progress in any way.
We all need the stimulation of challenge as well as our quite moments. Everything has to be balanced.
That is why I am not asking you never to be negative; only to limit the negativity to a short period.
If you can't solve your problem at once, then time yourself and switch off after five minutes.
In that five minutes you can think logically about the situation but don't dwell upon the fact that you cannot alter it.
Switch off after five minutes.
If your thoughts return quickly, tell them to push off. And be quite adamant about it.
After all, no matter what has befallen you, you still have your life to live and you must, for your own salvation, get on with it.    Mind Magic    click here
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