As the solar system moves closer to the galactic center
As the solar system moves closer to the galactic center with Brad-Johnson and Randy Maugans.

As the solar system moves closer to the galactic center.

Merging of timelines into a positive light sub set, and a negative all-pervading darkness!

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Merging of timelines into a positive light sub set, and a negative all-pervading darkness!
A translation, modification and addition by Kewe to concepts by Brad-Johnson in a discussion with Randy Maugans
Reason for the grouping of the divided time streams and that which results as the solar system moves closer to the galactic center, the equator of the milky way galaxy.
Every 13000 years Earth inside the solar system passes through the equator of the solar system, a density of higher frequencies of consciousness.
Reparing DNA
As Earth does so, DNA that has been damaged is repaired — the 'junk DNA,' of which many Earth scientists refer, starts to turn on.
Within the creation of a being, human or otherwise, there are many bodies, subtle energy layers we might think of them.
These subtle energy layers hold the mental bodies.  Mental bodies store all memories that make us an individual.  Both high and low frequency, positive and negative thoughts and emotions are stored.  The brain holds some of these memories but also acts as an interface, or an access point to the subtle energies of the mental bodies.
Subtle energy layers can be called the emotional body, part of the astral star body.  Soul memories of other existences, that which we commonly incorrectly refer to as past lives, are stored in the causal energy layer.
Density and frequencies increase
As we approach the equator of the milky way, as the density and frequencies increase, one after the other old emotions stored in our emotional and mental bodies are surging to the surface.
Mostly these will be the experiences we have had ourselves as physical beings, but they will also include eruptions of memory from the causal body, emotions, fears, negative experiences that have to do with soul's experience in different bodies, different lives.
As we approach the density known as the galactic center of the milky way, anything stored in these subtle bodies, in memory or in emotional state that is of low frequency, of a negative or dark state, is being brought up into our consciousness for the purpose of being purged out.
These negative or dark states that have been buried in these energy layers — both in this life, and from soul's other existences — are being brought to the surface randomly.  Just walking down the street, all this anger from some previous happening might flush to the surface.  All passing through the the galactic center are experiencing this.
Having to restrain some negativity
Everybody by default is having to restrain some negativity because negativity is being brought up to the surface of each in our consciousness.
That is what has been happening most especially these past ten years.
But light also is entering our awareness — for within the galactic center light has accelerated strength.
So do we have to ability to restrain the darkness if we wish to dwell within the light?
People have a choice.  We can allow stuff which is negative to purge out and leave, or we can hang on and in essence move into it, surround ourselves with it.
Positive or negative time stream
This becomes a big deciding factor on whether we move closer and closer towards the negative time stream sub set or we move closer and closer to the positive time stream sub set.
An individual who doesn't want to let go of the past, of fear, doesn't want to let go of old dark emotions, wants to stay in the present frame of mine, their subtle energies are still to some extent rising in frequency because they are being affected by the galactic center light.
The frequency of the material (physical) body, which because of ego, because of fear, because of being afraid of letting go and accepting change, this interface between the brain and the subtle layers of experience of emotion and mental conception is being held down.
Held down by the taking of prescription drugs, by using alcohol or 'pleasure' drugs.  Our rising consciousness is also being held down by watching television — especially the commercials — by having the brain constantly tuned in to this outer talkativeness of some other consciousness programming us.
Thoughts programmed
Our very thoughts are being trained and kept to withhold that they wish us to have.  Our thoughts held by ourself by not accepting change, and by allowing, by accepting the programming.
When we are prevented from inner contact or our brain having interface with our subtle bodies, when we allow programming to take place by doing nothing — the barrage of outside influence: television, magazines, electronic media and paper that poses as news but which in essence is propaganda, all entertainment that takes our mind away from ourselves such as movies — the frequency differential being built between the subtle bodies and the brain becomes greater and greater.  Wonder why when walking out of a movie the feeling comes of being completely disorientated?
The more we allow the brain these influences to distract, the disconnection widens.  Our subtle bodies and our brain disconnect brings people to the point where we have completely lost the perception of a greater reality, of being connected to soul.
We unknowingly view things that are happening with no connection to that which has actually happened.  We remember not one moment to the next.  We perceive reality exactly as those who wish us to perceive their reality.  This all becomes a great unrealness.
Existence manifesting
Someone having this manifest as their existence doesn't mean that they are not going to make it, as in the sense of not entering into the positive stream time-line. It means that they are being a lot more stubborn but may still shake the brain-control as we further enter the mid-point of the galaxy, into the most densest positive frequency area.
Some people will absolutely refuse to live outside of that which they have been taught — the lies that they have come to accept as valid.
It should be considered that the past to us is an idea, a moment of thought, of conclusion.  The same is true of our concept of the future.
It is possible to stop accepting both as our realness.
Forgiveness means:
'That it is just a story.  All that matters is right now.  The reason why that happened is because I was supposed to learn from it.  It didn't happen so I can hang onto it for the rest of my existence.  All negativity exists for the purpose of being a catalyst for growth.'.
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