Climate and Dimensional Interference
First caught in the unconscious, modified by the conscious, ‘Translations...’ is a product of a human brain.  Nothing is brought through and written here that does not have the influence and creativity of the inner mind, nor is unaffected by the workings and experiences of the outer brain.
Translations of the Discussions with “The WE”
I wish to be in contact with those intelligences that have been with me all of my life, those of whom I trust and those of which I always seek guidance.   I wish to place an umbrella of protection and security upon my words so that all who read will receive beneficial assistance in their searching for answers.   Am I in contact with those who have been with me all of my life?
You are in contact with us, dear one.
It has been some years since I last made contact so that it should be read upon the computer, my considering those translation articles placed upon the website to cover in scope all that I had to impart.   This evening however, it has come to me while in a meditative, other-worldly framework, to advance another translation — the emphasis being that this is a translation, for this contact if it is correct is beyond thought, that while I am given thought, I in my own mind have to decipher, at all times interposing my mind, in the words that are placed here.
Having said that, these words are also subject to an accumulation of data gathered in the time period from the last of the previous translations to the present.
Item to be discussed is climate.   While it is known that significant changes have occurred in the last few years with regard to climate, much speculation has taken place concerning the cause of these changes.
There are numerous variances taking place at this time.   Two important variances are the following:
Climate being affected by off-world intelligence?
That which is being discussed is climate affected by off-world intelligence with regard to actions that effect the sun.   This is taking place due to the significance of Earth now having a vast population of human species.   It has been found necessary to hold a stabilizing effect to help offset the planetary changes being caused throughout this local sun's area.   This is creating change with regard to the climate.
Climate being affected by human intelligence?
Concurrent to the above, human intelligence has been at play with regard to dispersing band clusters created by Earth humans that have been creating a heating of the planet.
In both the above ozone scarcity has also been an issue, and is also being affected by actions both of off-world intelligence and human intelligence.
The reality of dimensional interference.
Dimensional interference is being monitored.   While this cannot be spoken of directly due to such interference being itself affected by being mentioned, it should be noted that there is much in play at this time.   Sufficient is to say that there is great love for Earth humans — as also great love with all other species upon the planet.
We would wish that all harmony be with you.
End of this translation.
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