First caught in the unconscious, modified by the conscious, ‘Translations...’ is a product of a human brain.  Nothing is brought through and written here that does not have the influence and creativity of the inner mind, nor is unaffected by the workings and experiences of the outer brain.
Translations of the Discussions with “The WE”
I wish to be in contact with those whom I have communicated with before, with “The WE.”   Am I in contact?
You are dear one.   Let us say it is good to have you with us again, typing on the computer.   Although, accounting your time, there have been some moments of deliberation from when you first decided to add this feature.   Ideas have been floating around, as to what to include in this first — shall we call it a ‘blog?’
Yes, indeed.   I was aware, and appreciative of you, for the contact.   In my struggle to make this document materialize, I outlined in my mind two dialogues for this discussion.
The first is with regard to the recent Iraq war.   I was somewhat hesitant to include topical events because there has not been a translation before about such matters.   However, in my great anxiety, during the days of the most intense bombing, I did ask, did make contact with you, and was strongly told, through the signal we have agreed upon, that the war was not prompted by you.   It was a question that had evolved in my mind due to an earlier signal, a signal given years past now.
But I am aware that to discuss this openly might turn into a tampering of future time-line events.   So I will not pursue all that that entailed.   At this point I turn the discussion over to you.
Dear One: the signal you received during the bombing was correct.
We did not sanction, nor prompt any factors that came into play, that were involved in this war.   We gave you the signal because you were deeply distressed, and we wished to reduce that distress.   We wished to confirm with you that there was never a question that we would give sanction.   These events are not, as we see it, for us to sanction or prompt.
Events that take place on your planet are created by the thoughts and desires of those interested parties on your planet.   Saying that, we do not imply there is no influence from parties off-planet.   We merely state, as we have agreed with you earlier, that in this present, very moldable stage of the people of the world’s development, restrictions have been placed upon influence.   Actions must, and are, brought into fruition through the thoughts and desires of those on your planet who deem them necessary — actions must, and are, brought into fruition by those who have physical human bodies at the time the actions are executed.
Understand, our conversation with you is not usually this specific to events unfolding, and therefore our dialogue has been reduced into a more, as you would call it, anthropomorphic, but in this case human attribution, human sense of reasoning — as we would recognise such dialogue.
Thank you.   I keep having to go to the dictionary to try to come up with the correct words to try to place them in the spaces of my thought.
You are doing fine.
It is in my mind that I should write: ‘Earthly events, as they unfold, are not the requisite of “The WE.”   That while “The WE” and those upon Earth are one, are the same, the connection between the two is in the deepest reality of each life form.’
Writing this leads me to the second dialogue I had planned.
Is it true that flow, or ‘the force,’ or Spirit (Holy Ghost), is around even “The WE?”   A comment read recently has ‘flow’ within this galaxy, or surrounding galaxies only.   I have always understood that Spirit came from beyond areas we name the physical, emotional, and higher dimensional states.
Yes, dear one, ‘flow’ penetrates “The WE” and penetrates even greater “WE,” of which “The WE” acts merely as specks of sand on mighty cosmic beaches.
We might add that there is a molding, a continuing assemblage of the ‘computer-in-the-sky,’ within the flow.   And a molding, a connecting of, as you call it, the Universal Mind, a connecting that links each mind.
Flow is energy transmission which supports life in all its many wonders.   This sublimity holds within it the keys for all to become their most fervent wish.
Thank you again.   I believe here is a place to stop.
Thank you dear one for being as open as you are.   As time proceeds, we hope to clarify and elucidate further these points.   Our congratulations to those who read this.
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