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First caught in the unconscious, modified by the conscious, ‘Translations...’ is a product of a human brain.  Nothing is brought through and written here that does not have the influence and creativity of the inner mind, nor is unaffected by the workings and experiences of the outer brain.
Translations of the Discussions with “The WE”
I wish to be in contact with those whom I have communicated with before, with “The WE.” Am I in contact?
Yes, Dear One, You are always with us.
I have on my mind today, the presence many are beginning to place into 21st century words - the idea of a force, a flow.   That the Universe might have, superimposing itself over our known reality, another reality, I know is still disputed.   However, from reading and speaking with others, it is becoming more obvious that people are seeking more information for the strange singularities and coincidences that occur in each of our lives at times.
Today I would wish to explore the flow in more of its aspects.   In its duality and range, and whether the flow is not from one, but from a multiple of sources.
Dear One, we recognize that you are writing this for the blogs you do, and for your website.   We should therefore say that you do know much of what we will advance as ideas for your consideration.
The flow as we experience it, as it activates us, or better to say as it passes through us, is unified, undivided.   With the flowing into the creation worlds, it then separates into multiple streams.
Many would say it splits to positive and negative centers, which then disseminates further into various aspects as it manifests energy: thought, emotion, and elements for construction such as bodies and structural containment.   We would add caution however to the idea that flow splits first into two, negative and positive energies, before it manifests as other energy.
Energy precursor is much more than two extremes, or two divergences.
Thank you for your answers, which spin me into a multiple of questions myself.   To grasp one question, I would ask for your confirmation as to when flow is no longer one, but multiple?   Then I would seek more specific insight into that which is positive and that which is negative.
Where one reaches for this precursor energy within the creative universes is from neither one field, thought of as being positive, nor from a complete negative state.   Such areas do exist, but are extremely difficult to remain within.   Within the complete negative we would become nothing, so that we again become everything.   Within the complete positive we would become everything, so that within the creative Universe we are nothing.
The precursor flow acts as a coherence, as it becomes immiscibility, as it acts as freedom, as it acts as containment.   All of these are aspects of the multiple energies.
Dear One, I believe that you would wish to take a break, so go on, have a cup of coffee.   We will be here, and with you while you have it.
I am back, thank you.   I understand the idea of morality, of good and bad, evil and good, is based upon natural observation.   It is also based upon socialized conditioning.
As we develop and become aware of greater sentience, and begin to observe our decision making with increasing rationality, is it possible that we are more accurately able to tune into the precursor energy flow?
Yes, Dear One, we would say that greater clarity, while blinding if pursued to an extreme, brings with it ever greater observation of the flow.   It could not be otherwise.
Here we would state that one within the creative Universe, pursuing extreme clarity, acts as a signal to leave such Universe.   Pursuing contact with the flow does not create such a signal.   The more one becomes knowledgeably bathed within the flow, the more one becomes stabilized.
But “The WE” do not have such law, is that correct?
“The WE” in its abiding home absorb the fullness of the flow.   “The WE” are not within the creative universe.   There is no mind “The WE” uses, as the creative world understands mind.   Therefore there is no mind activity to give either extreme clarity or dullness.
Thank you.   For my own clarity, I am reasoning from the above the following:
  • Our development has translated actions and decisions into ‘good,’ ‘neutral,’ those actions and decisions that we are not sure about but fall some side of the dichotomy, and those decisions that on reflection could be considered harmful or ‘evil.’
  • With development and further experience our reasoning changes, providing of course that we retain knowledge of all past experience and its outcome.   Unfortunately this seldom happens.   Knowledge is not retained.   It is lost between epochs, and within epochs often smothered inside translations we call religious wisdom.
  • Within the precursor flow, knowledge is retained.   All knowledge is retained.   The precursor flow is not merely pre-energy.   It is also pre-knowledge.   The purpose of the flow then, in its diversity, is to act also as an educational tool?
Again, Dear One, we would say the flow is completeness.   There is no dichotomy as such, only a splintering into aspects.   The flow acts, within the creative universe, as a means of guidance, as a means of recognition that opens you to us.   If that is an educational tool, so be it.
A thousand questions spring to mind.   If the flow is a means of guidance, is a conveyor of recognition that opens you to us, and we are you, as you have stated many times, then how do we make sense of that?   The flow has a purpose, or at least has within it, elements that brings us to something that we are, yet have not become.   That does not make sense.
We would have to fall back upon our time-honored statement.   This does not make sense in a linear thought world.   We cannot make it make sense to you.   All we can proceed upon is to link ideas that perhaps do make sense.
In previous writing it is stated:  “A molding, a continuing assemblage of the ‘computer-in-the-sky,’ (is) within the flow.   And a molding, a connecting of, as you call it, the Universal Mind, (is) a connecting that links each mind.”
To explain the precursor flow further, we would say the precursor flow has within it the continuing assemblage of the ‘computer-in-the-sky.’    The Universal Mind, as it is more generally termed, is a process all sentience taps into.   It is this ‘OverMind’ that keeps the Universe contemporary, in the sense of synchronous manifestations.
In the fitting together of realities, of sections and parts of inestimable societies and mind - within confines of planets and orbital clusters, within galaxies that know some or nothing of each other - the Universal Mind allows for contemporary exchange.
All brothers and sisters, so to speak?
All cousins in their many varieties perhaps would be the better description.
Thank you again for being with me.   I have to end now, as I am completely exhausted.   I do appreciate your attempts at allowing me to float through these thoughts.
We understand.   Thank you Dear One.   We will enjoy your return.
kewe note: As I was searching for various meanings for the words in my head while typing this discussion, I came across this website and this poem.   A coincidence I believe that is not coincidence:
A rose plucked from the bush
continues to emit fragrantly
After leaving us physically
the presence of people
continue in our lives
through the influence they had
while with us
By acting caringly
we become aware
of the consciousness of continuance
Our caring actions a boomerang
returning to us
now and later
as an improved world
Existence continuing
from what’s set before
Moving onward
Expanding by lovingness
Continuance of Existence by Susan Kramer
© Susan Kramer
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