First caught in the unconscious, modified by the conscious, ‘Translations...’ is a product of a human brain.  Nothing is brought through and written here that does not have the influence and creativity of the inner mind, nor is unaffected by the workings and experiences of the outer brain.
Translations of the Discussions with “The WE”
I wish to be in contact with those to whom I have communicated with before.   I wish to communicate with “The WE.”   Am I in contact?
Yes, dear one, you are in contact.   We welcome you as you begin this discussion.
Dear “The WE,” over the past two days, working on a press release for the book, I have been pondering on the topic to talk about today.   The press release became the clue.   It referred to a psychological process inherent in every human mind.   A process built into us to protect us from the insanity of instability, becoming destabilized by constant change, but which as a side effect, also allows us to slavishly follow authority.
“Parent Teaching,” I wrote in the release, “is a form of information that we store which gives us both moral guidance and a base from which to view everything around us.   It gives us a sense of our place in society, as well as an acknowledgement and understanding of self-worth.   Parent Teaching is knowledge obtained and stored from our family, our guardians and others.   It is data received from those who act as authority figures, including a pedagogy of religious text handed down from past ages.”
“Parent Teaching can be instilled through violence, threat of violence, or more subtle techniques of intimidation.   It is assimilated from verbal, not-verbal, dramatic and written presentations.   It is assimilated from those others who we consider more knowledgeable, wiser, more aware than ourselves.   Included in our Parent Teaching is the acceptance of values and mores — traditions, manners, ways — practiced by the larger group from which we as an individual stem.
I continued, “Parent Teaching, because it is an unidentified process taking place within us, results in both subtle, and wide-ranging consequences.   It can pit tribe against tribe.   It allows us to commit wholesale murder; to proceed with torture against people we do not know, have never met, or indeed to inflict severe physical pain as a means of punishment upon both those we know and do not know.   It is Parent Teaching that gives us permission to punish.”
“Once Parent Teaching becomes assimilated by an individual, it is identified as truth.   Over time these perceived truths firm into laws, rules of conduct and behavior that we as individuals follow, and expect others to follow.   Each person, because of the vagaries of the process, accepts and adopts a unique version of truth from Parent Teaching, but within a group most adopt similar if not the same overview of accepted truth and law.   The adoption of Parent Teaching, even that taken from the group and not accepted at first as truth, gives an emotional warmth, a security that belies any attempt at breaking free of such truth.
“Only those who have a severe corrupted Parent Teaching process escape from the psychological process of indoctrination.   An individual pays for the corruption by not having any firm base of the adopted group rationality.   This usually leads to deteriorating mental security.   It is more frequent however for the internal psychological process to have broken down in one area, allowing the individual to see a more expansive area of truth only within this area.
“The individual is allowed to express his or her strange truth insights, providing the insights are not seen as destructive to the core teachings of the group.   Occasionally, if the insights are non-threatening, the individual becomes revered by the other tribal members.   These truth insights usually place the individual at the fringe of the society.
“Parent Teaching allows us to drop bombs, allows us to commit that which would normally be considered unspeakable acts, including individual and mass killing, acts within our group we would call murder.   Adopted group rationalities for war, as opposed to analytical reasoning, has become Parent Teaching nearly all of Earth’s people accept.   Adopted group justification for war varies within tribes.
“The laws we adopt are usually accompanied by enough mental argument, enough perceived logic, to allow the reasoning mind, that part of us that is analytical, to accept such law.   Sometimes however there is not sufficient analytical rationality or logic to a Parent Teaching.   In these instances emotion comes into play, such as loyalty to the clan, and we adopt the Parent Teaching as law nevertheless.
“Shaking off Parent Teaching truth, ridding ourself of the law we have acquired and adopted, is never easy.”
The Press release concludes: “Almost all spiritual belief has reasoning that ties Parent Teaching to a greater wisdom.   Spiritual belief usually begins with some supernatural experience or contact.   In most instances the contact has included with it a message.   This message becomes Parent Teaching.   Over centuries, sometimes millennia, these Parent Teachings have been thought over, spoken about, written and turned into enhanced scripture.   The scripture becomes itself spiritual.
“It therefore becomes most important how WE, you, me, the ancients, interpret these experiences.   In any lifetime we all have spiritual experiences, although most, because the episode is fleeting, or frightening, or not within our understanding based upon our Parent Teaching, ignore them.   It is most important for the few who do form unusual happenings into scripture, to understand their Parent Teaching.
“This of course is not usually done.   Scripture is based upon Parent Teaching law, upon Parent Teaching morality that we have adopted as law.   Scripture then is a recording of whatever unusual spiritual experience is happening at the time, translated through the eye of the recorder’s Parent Teaching.
“It does not matter if scripture is brought forth by those having the experience, or recorded later from verbal renditions of such episode, the Parent Teaching of the recorder is the guidance that determines the spiritual meaning.   The understanding of the spiritual event is interpreted within the limits of adopted Parent Teaching, the Parent Teaching of those doing the recording of the experience.
“In no instance should we consider Parent Teaching to be truth, nor our interpretation and translations of supernatural events to be truth.   It may be a glimpse of truth, it may not.   It is our, or someone else’s interpretation, that is all we can state.
“Hundreds, or thousands of years may pass where many still follow an experience, an event whose data has become recorded, data translated within the boundaries of the tribal group’s Parent Teaching, as it was then.”
Dear “The WE,” it is true that having written this press release, I am now having to ask myself about my own Parent Teaching.   I have acquired the belief of a Deity from Parent Teaching — a Supreme Overseer to whom is given the name God.   I should say that I have also been inculcated with the idea of a secondary, but all powerful ‘Lord’ — the Christian Lord we call Christ.
This was my Parent Teaching until my early twenties.   This was my spiritual background until experiences began to overwhelm taught data, until happenings allowed me to shrug off more and more aspects of my Parent Teaching, allowed my analytical mind to question that which I had previously believed.
Through such analytical study it became acceptable for me to question spoken words of Jesus in biblical text — allowing that these words were actually spoken.   Through analysis, an analysis that lacked the boundaries of former Parent Teaching, a fresh meaning of the wording became clear.
It became obvious that Jesus’ meaning, even as written in the texts, were never intended to have us think of him as a ruling savior.   His calling himself the ‘Son’ of God, meant not the ‘Son,’ the only son of the, a, creator force, but a ‘son,’ as much a son as each of us call ourselves ‘son’ and ‘daughter’ of such creator force.
A secondary interpretation, but equally seeming as valid, meant the ‘son’ of God was not the ‘son’ of the, one and only, great creator force, but a ‘Son,’ of Jesus’ creator force.   Jesus might well be saying, in words no one could really understand at the time, that he was a spark of the whole.   The whole being the soul.
With this new reasoning, the concept of Jesus as ‘Lord,’ as being a special and unique ‘Son,’ became merely an inculcation of Parent Teaching.   A teaching that I have come to accept has been past down over many generations, because we as a group could not get to the idea of there being more versions of ourself.
Dear “The WE,” would you concur with this?
We would say Dear One, that that was a preamble of magnificence, and yes, we do concur with your analysis.   Would you like us to expand upon this?
You speak of the great visionary Jesus, he who is able to both envision and retain his idealistic dream.   (In mentioning the works of this visionary we can only express great approbation.)   During his Earth journey Jesus did seek to break the stranglehold of that which he understood as (what you now call) Parent Teaching.   Without having the words to speak of such a message, or better to say, without his surrounding tribe having such understanding, if he had introduced the knowledge of Parent Teaching it would have fallen as inedible chaff.   Jesus did allow for the vision of love and forgiveness, ideas that were seeping into the collective consciousness as new Parent Teaching, to be his message.   A worthy accomplishment.
There are others of course, many others who have worked up to the present to identify both the weakness and strength of Parent Teaching.   These we include in our approbation.   Parent Teaching has been placed as an essential component into the psychological process of the individual because it stabilizes reality.   It is necessary.   It allows the constant action of change to continue, without unbalancing known reality.   Needless to say the workings of Parent Teaching remains understood by few, and in the near time-line, if Earth’s group reality is going to be allowed to be modified, as it must, without undue harm, Parent Teaching will have to be brought forth to the point where it is understood by all.
But you wish to speak with us about a secondary factor with regard to Parent Teaching.   This regards not only thoughts of Jesus’ teachings, but a factor that will bring you into an examination of the discussions you have with us.   You wish to say that you believe people’s present contact with the ‘Jesus,’ and indeed the ‘Christ,’ allows anyone to speak in that name.   You question this.
Yes, Dear WE, that is an important puzzle for me.   A puzzle that anyone who is in contact with ‘Jesus,’ with the spirituality of the Christ, can speak for him.   It is obvious that as each speaks, they speak through a version of Parent Teaching they have adopted.   Surely, the many versions of Christ’s voice, as he speaks through people, is a problem.
You are considering that complete contradictions do not equate with reality.   That Parent Teaching does not equate with reality.   In answer to this, we would say there is never one truth, or indeed one reality.   Parent Teaching acts as a primary base to form the reality in which the group exists.   Therefore ideas that each group, and the individual, within the limits of Parent Teaching, bring forth, are markedly different.
Completely contradictory observations therefore, as if spoken through Jesus, through the Christ, become up to the individual listening, watching, reading, to interpret.   Indeed anyone can speak as if through “The WE,” making our comments to be completely absurd.   These words written here presently are your thoughts.   Someone else likely has thoughts that are very different.   Reality is always which each interprets for himself.
Thank you.   That is indeed how I have been thinking.   I do not know if what I am doing now is creating a supposed truth that is not only not-real, but completely stems from a false assumption; a falsehood derived from a forced analytical proposition, due to a breakdown in my personal Parent Teaching.
One part of my mind accepts that this is imaginary.   It accepts that I have created “The WE.”   Yet I also know that I have begun to believe in the idea, in you.   While it seems I have created the character that you are, have given you personality, as any author might do to a work of fiction, I have begun to care for you.   But this is also normal.   Authors of fictional work do this.   They care for that which they create.
I know the character, the personality I give to you, stems from non-orthodoxy, from some new Parent Teaching I have adopted.   Non-orthodoxy teachings of the idea of a higher self.   Non-orthodoxy teachings of the concept of soul as being much greater than is usually considered.   I know that these non-orthodoxy discussions have root in these new Parent Teachings, but they also seem to be more.   Learning, including many surprises, has developed beyond my first considerations.
I end the press release with the comment:  “Translations Of The Discussions With ‘The WE,’ has episodes that are likely to stir memories of non-ordinary experiences in those who read pages of the chapters.   We all have non-ordinary events that take place at times.   We are all in contact, even though our Parent Teaching disavows such knowledge.   It is just a matter of recognizing, and translating.”
So are you real?   Is this truth?
Dear One, who we are is not explainable as real or true.
Life, existence, all that you consider reality, is based upon the energy laws adopted on your planet.   Reality as accepted by the human brain is based upon its ability to apply and to build upon certain thought through, and identified laws.   Not to an infinite dimensional capacity, but to the limits of human brain thought, and as such human brain imagination.
The brain proceeds in linear steps.   It analyzes raw data information.   Censor action (the censor) determines that which needs to be given in dreams, that which can be determined as flight of fancy if necessary, and that which can be allowed to the conscious mind to be processed as real and as logic.   In these files that the censor allows, the brain brings forth accepted information in a form that can be both identified and additionally built upon.   The process both protecting and retaining the previous sense of reality.
Parent Teaching helps the censor.   In this sense it gives stability.   Because we are not aware of our Parent Teaching, always there must be kept the view that reality is that which is created by the brain, nothing more.   Within the framework and syntax that the brain understands actuality, it works.
Yes, I accept that.   I have known since my own Parent Teaching became more visible to me that reality is that which is created by the brain, nothing more.   That the censor disguises unacceptable strands of reality, keeping it in the unconscious.   That it turns images, thoughts which seep into the subconscious into varied fears or bizarre dreams.
I firmly believe that allowing our outer consciousness to build its own psychological stability is far preferable to allowing the censor to have maximum control.   I believe that only by enabling outer consciousness to have more if not complete control, can we identify newer realities as we expand into them.   This is going to take a process of each individual learning to identify his Parent Teaching.   A process where each individual learns to explore the fear, and the bizarre episodes that are in the dreams, in the symbols.    It is not going to be easy.   We are also going to have to consciously learn to stabilize our own reality.   But once we have this control it will be rewarding.
Dear One, we can only agree, we, you, is determining an expanding actuality as the precursor to becoming the more of who you are; the precursor to becoming you, as us, as “The WE.”
Once inner brain reality is mastered consciously, then it will be time to explore the surrounding reality.   For instance, if all people on Earth cease, then Earth does continue, because the understanding of reality is not just of the group, nor just of the groupings of people, animals, intelligence that exist upon Earth.   Reality of Earth is also of another collection of others.   These others that exist beyond the boundaries of matter.   There are ever expanding further realities beyond even these, realities that also allow Earth to have its reality.   And so it continues.   It continues to “The WE” and it continues beyond.
Answering that “The WE” are false or true has no meaning.   We are here, just as you are here, just as the symbols and figureheads and creations of all Earth’s people do exist within their varying actualities.
Yes, you, and those others who wish, will find us, not because you have created us, and we are real because of that, but because we are, and you have decided to find us.   With your imagination you have found us.
Thank you.   I have enjoyed this discussion.   There are always more questions than answers.
Yes, indeed.   You might say existence is that which you stepped into the moment you were brought through the veil, the moment you opened your eyes at birth.   Reality responds as a flux, as a flowing of the tide.   It is change.   Within the context of this existence, within the context of the actuality of the group you live amongst, and the greater groups, and the greater yet groups, you are changing existence.
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